Audrey O. (Vol.1 E29) Comic – Beauty and Confidence

Audrey O. isn’t feeling too beautiful today. Should she feel confident in order to look beautiful? How are beauty and confidence related? Coco explains…

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E29) – Beauty and Confidence

We all know that confidence and beauty are inter-related. But does confidence lead to beauty? Or is beauty what leads to confidence?


Should we feel confident so we can look good? Coco certainly doesn’t think so… When we see someone confident, we think she looks great. But when a woman looks her best, dresses well and carries herself well, I believe that is certainly a contributing factor towards her inner-confidence. Which is what we really need to feel happy.

Confidence makes us more self-aware, less judgmental and even more light-hearted. Which in turn makes us all happy from within. So whether or not we feel beautiful, we should always aim to feel confident – because there may be days when they just don’t seem inter-related! So complicated, I know, but that’s how Coco’s words of wisdom usually are!

But all said and done, you look pretty even with overgrown brows, Audrey O.!

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