Audrey O. (Vol.1 E22) – How to Do Nothing

Audery O. and Coco finally learn how to do nothing, and tell us their blissful secret. Do you have what it takes to do nothing?

Hey everyone! Without giving anything away, lemme just share this week’s comic first!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E22) – How to Do Nothing


This episode is in fact based on my real life experience, like most others! Last weekend, a cyclone hit our city, Chennai, and we got to spend full two days without power and internet. As we read books in the candle-light and recounted old memories, we quickly ran out of things to do. At times, I just found myself sitting there. Doing nothing!

I’m the last person I’d expect to see sitting and doing nothing. I just don’t know how to do nothing! And then we realized how little time we spend actually doing nothing. We’re all so busy, really, that all our free moments get filled up with just consuming too much unnecessary content.

Social media and abundance of online content are also the reason we don’t socialize. And according to The Guy, “Social media has actually made us anti-social.” I do agree.

So I guess now you know how to do nothing. Just put an internet curfew in the house for a certain time everyday. Or stay away from your phone for an hour before your sleep time. And you’ll really find yourself thinking, chilling, relaxing, maybe doing nothing!

😉 Try it! Just don’t google it like Audrey!

So do you also think you’re an internet addict? What would you do if you had no internet for two days? Lemme know! Comment below! And do share this comic with anyone who you think needs to learn how to do nothing! (I know my friends will want to send it to myself!)

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