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Audrey O. (Vol.1 E21) – Best Friend or Boyfriend?

Audrey O. has a date tonight, but her best friend wants to hang out instead. So she faces a tough choice – best friend or boyfriend? Who does she choose?

Hey everyone! I’m here with yet another new episode of Audrey O.! Girls are always criticised by men about not giving them enough “space” and not letting them have their pre-relationship “freedom”. They say we don’t let them hang out with their boys anymore.

Well, boys, you know what? We girls also need our “space” and we, too, require girls time. From time to time!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E21) – Best Friend or Boyfriend?

Audrey O. faces a tough challenge today – best friends or boyfriend? Let’s see who she chooses!

audrey-o-comic-v1e121-cartoon-coco-friends-best-friend-or-boyfriend-daisy-dateIf you’re a girl, who do you choose between your boyfriend and best friends? And if you’re a guy, do you feel that your girlfriend doesn’t give you enough space? Lemme know! Comment below! And do share it with your boyfriend/girlfriend!


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