Audrey O. (Vol.1 E17) – We Never Grow Up for Our Parents

When Audrey O. visits her mom, she’s more than happy to recount the benefits of growing up. But does her mom think she’s grown up, too?

Hey everyone! I went home for Diwali last week. And while being with parents is great and comforting, it also sometimes makes us do things we wouldn’t do when we live alone. mostly, make us eat what we don’t like to eat! Let’s find out what Audrey O. has to do when she’s visiting her mom!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E17) – We Never Grow Up for Our Parents

Parents always have a knack for treating us like little kids, no matter how old we grow. And they feel proud while doing it, too! Audrey O.’s mom tells us why…


Do you relate? What happens when you visit your parents? Does your mom still scare you, too? My mom sure can be really scary when she wants to! LOL.

Comment below! Muaah! 🙂

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