Audrey O. (Vol.1 E12) – Should I Go to the Gym?

Audrey O. is ready to go hit the gym, when her inner devil makes her wonder, “Should I go to the gym?” Watch her inner battle about gym motivation!

Let Audrey O. give you some gym motivation today… or not!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E12) Comic – Should I Go to the Gym?


Be ready to relate, because honestly, this is the story of my life!

Do you relate? Come on, admit it. Tell me you relate! Who’re you kidding? This is literally everyday before work out! (Or every week..) Also: I am the devil Audrey O., because my body makes excuses before hitting the gym – headache one day, hurting knee another – it keeps getting creative with excuses! Sometimes, fitness-motivator wins. But then, shouldn’t we all let the devil win from time to time? Keeps things interesting…

Does your mind also play these games with you, and do you also find yourself asking, “Should I go to the gym?” Comment below! Lemme know!

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