Audrey O. Merchandise by Shilpa Ahuja

Hey SlubFamily! We’re so excited to unveil the first collection of Audrey O. merch! An assortment of coasters, coffee mugs, notebooks and calendars have super-cute Audrey O. illustrations, so take your pick! (Click to order.)

Audrey O. Notebooks

Snow ₹199
I’ve Been Thinking ₹199
Fall Leaves ₹199

Audrey O. Tea-Coasters (Set of 4 or 6)

artist tea coaster set cartoon audrey o comics

audrey o coasters 02
Girl in Rome ₹499
Summer Pool ₹499
I’ve Been Thinking ₹499
Pink ₹499
Assorted Set ₹1049
Tropical ₹499

Audrey O. Coffee Mugs

audrey o snow winter funky designer coffee mug online (2)
Snow ₹349
audrey o coffee mug funny cool online coco cartoon (2)
Opponent ₹349
Pause Life ₹399

Audrey O. Desk Calendar 2019

audrey o desk calendar designer online india cute funky
2019 Calendar ₹249

How to Order

Please email your order including item name, quantity and address for delivery to [email protected] For any queries, please contact our Customer Care.


These designs have taken me 2 years to put together, after a lot of planning, procrastination, learning and self-criticism! So your feedback will be greatly appreciated! Please message us through the Contact page to send your ideas. Kisses!

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