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Audrey O. Desk Calendar 2019

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    • Shipping ₹249. Reaches in 2-4 days. Available in India.
    • Free shipping.
    • Payment through Paypal, NEFT, RTGS.

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Details & Specs:

  • Glossy paper.
  • 12 Vibrant, unique designs – one for each month.
  • Easy to wipe and clean (with a dry cloth).
  • High-quality prints.
  • Indian national holidays are marked.
  • Colors may be slightly different than those shown in the pictures. We tried our best, but every light and camera captures colors differently.

Audrey O. Calendar

comic audrey o desk calendar designer online india style

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Perfect for your office desk or home, this calendar will transport you to the world of Audrey O. whenever you glance at it!

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