Audrey O. (Vol.1 E35) Comic – Weekday vs Weekend

We ought to be sleeping early on weekdays, but does it really ever happen?! Check out how Audrey O. spends her weekday vs weekend and get ready to relate!

Hey everyone! It can’t be just me – tell me you do it, too! I always keep telling myself that I should sleep early so I can wake up early, and so that all my days can be nice and shiny!! And then the weekend rolls in… when I need to sleep early to catch up on all my “beauty” sleep, but do I? Nope! But when has it ever happened?! True story, this!

audrey-o-comic-v1e35-girl-cartoon-Weekday vs Weekend-sleeping-joke-comic-funny-girl-life

Are you like Audrey O. too? What’s your sleeping pattern like, and do you, too, feel groggy in the mornings because you couldn’t convince yourself to sleep on time the previous night? And what about the weekends, does your inner devil convince your inner angel to sleep late on weekends?

Please tell me it’s not just me! Or are you the self-disciplined one who wakes up early and feels rejuvenated?

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