Audrey O. (Vol.1 E40) Comic – Millennial Travel Trends

Do we like traveling in packs? Do we like solo traveling? Neither! Let’s see Audrey O.’s experience to get to know the millennial travel trends!!

Hey everyone! Audrey O. is back with anew episode. And isn’t it weird that I’m posting the new comic on a Tuesday rather than our usual Saturdays? But I’ve been trying to incorporate the comic making into my daily work routine rather than leave them for weekends when I sometimes have to do other business strategy, web development or biz dev work, and it all gets too hectic for a Saturday/ Sunday! So here we are!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E40) – Millennial Travel Trends

Traveling in the millennial world is not like any other generation’s. We need company, but at the same time, we don’t either! If you’re a millennial, you’ll so relate with these millennial travel trends. If you’re not, you’re probably confused! Read on…

What makes the journey complete for us – friends, music, a good conversation, or all of these? Or none of these? Everything’s taken on a new meaning. A great company sometimes just means physical presence. A great journey sometimes means having some time to yourself. To unwind, to do things that you don’t do everyday, all the while doing things you also do everyday!! The best example is just social media! That’s what millennial travel trends are all about.

Today Audrey O. is just living her millennial life ( when is she not?!) and hanging with her bestie, Daisy. a chatting about… well, nothing! They’re both busy on their phones. How many times does that happen? Or who knows, they’re both finding a funny video to show each other! Either way, the topic of our today’s conversation, er, I mean comic is the cabbie.

Millennial Travel Trends audrey-o-comic-girl-s1e40-daisy-best-friend-cab-ride-uber-driver-cartoon-funny-joke-car-taxi

Well spoken, (or rather, thought) Audrey, because countless times, I’ve gotten the extremely chatty taxi driver (cough, Mumbai cabbies!) who not just don’t let me enjoy the peaceful solitude of the ride, but also ask personal questions at times! Rude! Well, if they’re a millennial, they’re probably also gonna listening to music on their phones…

So that was Audrey’s guide on how to become a good taxi driver. And how to have a good journey. We’re hoping all our Uber drivers read this comic! What do you think of these crazy but realistic millennial travel trends and habits? Do you agree? Tweet your thoughts @shilpa1ahuja!

Have a safe ride everyone!

Muaah 🙂


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