Atelier Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection Review

Discover the Atelier Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection at Paris Fashion Week. View the fluid dresses and check out the latest pant-gown!

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Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_couture-collection-fashion-week (15)-bella-hadid-red-dress-gown

Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection was all about creative draping. The collection combined cashmere and satin, with a bit of sparkle thrown in here and there. The silhouettes that mostly encompassed gowns, but these were gowns with novelty.

Black formed the canvas, on which pastel shades like lavender, lilac, salmon and sky blue were used to create fluid movements.

Volume was given to nearly every outfit, with draping, pleats and sometimes fringes. Most of these design elements added to the asymmetry of the gowns. Some were layered with black cashmere coats, whose inner face was lined with a color to create contrasting collars and add flashes of color in capes and sleeves.

Other pieces included slip dresses, mini-dresses and my favorite new thing – the pant-gown:
Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_couture-collection-fashion-week (10)-pants-gown-blue-dress

Bare shoulders added allure, with one-shouldered dresses and off-shoulder coats:

Random patches of Swarovski crystals added what the show description called “spontaneous embellishments” and instantly gave the coats a “cool” edge.

Atelier_Versace_Fall 2016_couture-collection-fashion-week-coat-swarovski-crystal-embellishmentMy favorite part of the collection was the second-half of the fashion show, that came with contoured gowns. The contours were cut in enginnered curves that traced the bodice and loosened up as they went down to form slits.

Here’s one more of my favorite gown that has curvy patterns revealing sparkly embellishment beneath.

With the Fall 2016 haute couture collection, the fashion house explores elegance through curvilinear geometry which isn’t a novel concept, but is executed in a unique, memorable way. As such, draping fabric into asymmetric silhouettes makes it contemporary – not exactly wearable, but graceful, yes. But then, as haute couture goes, modern designs are all about pushing the boundaries further and then leaving it to the world to translate it into wearable fashion.

Atelier Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture Collection: Gallery

Image Credits: Versace

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