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April 2022 Issue |

Model: Nina Meerman (@ninameerman) (Agency: @futurefacesmanagement); Photographer: Suzan van Gemeren (@svgmodelphotography); Makeup: Marjolein de Ridder (@marjoleindrmua)

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10 Tips for Creating Bold Makeup Looks: A Guide for MUAs and Fashionistas

by makeup artist Marjolein de Ridder

cover story

For me, makeup is an art. My work is colorful, I like to approach makeup as a form of art and expression, so that’s what I do with it! I create mostly editorial makeup looks. I think the idea behind editorial makeup, as a type of work, is to be creative, to show your skills, and try new stuff. Editorial allows you to think outside of the box. And that’s what I recommend for you, to have fun with makeup!

I always feel like every artist has his or her own signature, which can’t be copied, just like your handwriting. Try to figure out who you are as an artist and what gives you joy. If you figure that out, you can manage to become one with it. Then, makeup won’t be something you have to think about anymore but you just do it, and your model will be your muse! When you reach that stage, you make magic!

So how do you find your “signature style” based on your personality? Read more…

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