All Types of Flowers Every Infused Tea Connoisseur Needs to Try

Gorgeous flower teas are the newest trend to adorn the tea tables of gourmet and herbal food lovers alike. Each of the different types of flowers out there have their own individual taste, uses and health benefits. Read on to know about all types of flowers that are great for flavoring tea!

 all types of flowers herbal-infused-tea-drinks-bevergaesHi there! Whether it’s for a pick-me-up, early morning refresher or to help me sleep, infused teas are always my go-to choice. For so many reasons. Firstly, they’re very healthy and beneficial for the body and there are so many different types of flowers to try that you’ll never get bored or sick of them! From common ones like chamomile and rose to unique ones like butterfly pea and cherry blossom, this article covers all types of flowers.

You could either pluck these flowers yourself and dehydrate them to make the tea or just use store-bought ones. But as always, anything made from scratch at home tastes the best and is the healthiest! And the amount of time to steep the flowers, completely depends on you. It could be anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours. And since it’s all about healthy and natural teas, I’d recommend not using any sweeteners. But in case you like it sweet and can’t have it any other way, add some honey. Sugar is a complete no-no.


So whether you’re just getting into tea and infusions or already a huge lover like me, this list of flowers and tea will for sure make you wanna try them all! Read all about the different aromas, taste and uses of all types of flowers that are edible. This flower tea guide also tells you all about their health benefits! So if you’ve been wondering what flowers are edible and what are the best ones to make infused tea with, check out our list of flowers below!

All Types of Flowers for Infused Tea

Hawthorn Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea-(6)-hawthornOut of all types of flowers out there, this one might be the least recognized and most underappreciated. Everyone knows how popular hawthorn berries and the tea made from them are. But hawthorn flower tea is not that well known. It may have a weird fragrance and a slight bitter taste but the amount of benefits that come with it, make up for that. It’s good for the heart, increases blood flow and reduces anxiety and tension. You could also enhance the flavor of this infused tea by using the leaves and fruit of the plant as well.

Chamomile Tea

One of the most common types of flowers used in tea is chamomile. Tea made from these white and yellow flowers are referred to as sleep teas. It helps lower anxiety and stress levels, soothe the mind and regulate sleeping patterns. For any insomniacs or people who just have trouble sleeping at night, I can’t recommend it enough.

Marigold Tea


Also known as calendula, these flower types are not the first thing you’d think of for making tea. They’re more common in the world of essential oils and skin care and are used to treat almost all sorts of skin issues. But they have plenty of benefits as a tea, too. With their peppery taste, immune-boosting, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, they make for the ideal detox tea. These yellow flowers can also be used to color dishes yellow or orange like saffron.

Orange Blossom Tea

These small white flowers bloom during the month of May and tea made from them is really good for people with anxiety, muscle pain and digestive problems. These pretty flowers can also be used to make orange blossom honey.

Gomphrena Tea

Gomphrena or globe amarnath are red, pink, white or purple flowers that bloom all summer. I’ve seen them in almost all the potpourri I own and apparently, they’re a medicinal plant as well. This type of tea is native to China and is called as Qian Ri Hong. Its purple hue, subtle taste and floral scent are only one part of the pros of drinking this beverage. They’re also beneficial in lowering blood pressure, firming skin and relieving chronic pain.

Lavender Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea-(3)-lavenderI’m a believer of the fact that these purple flowers have magical properties. Nothing’s more calming and soothing than a warm cup of infused lavender tea. I can almost feel the stress leave my body as I sip on it. Sometimes, I even combine lavender with chamomile, the sleep flower, when I need to wake up super early the following day and sleep is nowhere near. Apart from putting you to sleep, they’re also great for headaches, stomachaches and calming nerves.

Cherry Blossom Tea

Known commonly as sakura cha in Japan, this tea has a mild salty taste with floral and fruity undertones. The way this tea is traditionally made is by preserving or pickling cherry blossom flowers in salt and plum vinegar. So it usually has a fruity, plum aftertaste. Sakura tea is considered sacred in Japan and is commonly served at weddings. Drink this tea for youthful, glowy skin and a healthy immune system.

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Rosebud Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (1)-rosebud

These summer flowers are the perfect ingredients for a morning wake-me-up drink. As delicious and addictive as coffee is, nothing beats a healthy, refreshing, infused tea. They have quite a distinct and strong flavor, so I would recommend steeping for no more than 10-15 minutes. Rose tea is also good for the immune system, helps with cramps and keeps the skin looking glowy and healthy.

Chrysanthemum Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (11)-chrysanthemum-flowering-bloomingFrom increasing your metabolism to boosting the immune system and improving eye health, these types of flowers are another one of my favorites. My sister always brings back the blooming version of this flower tea from China, which I absolutely love. The main reason I started drinking it is because of how pretty they look as they are being steeped. It’s like watching art unfold in front of your eyes! They’re traditionally had with rock sugar.

Hibiscus Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (5)-hibiscusHibiscus or roselle tea is another popular type of infused tea. Although I’ve never tried this red asian flower tea, I’ve heard all about its health benefiting properties such as reducing the risk of cancer, preventing hair loss and relieving nausea and sore throats.

Lily Tea

Similar to chamomile, lily is very beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Also great for anxiety, depression and respiratory, digestive & heart health. Lily flowers are also used in Chinese cuisine as flavoring in soups and stews. All types of flowers under this family have medicinal values, so it doesn’t matter which one you use.

Lotus Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (15)-lotusFlower teas are the most beautiful types of teas, and out of those, lotus teas would be absolute show-stealers. Among all types of flowers used in teas, lotus is probably the most traditional one. The entire lotus plant is considered nutritious and used widely in India and other parts of Asia. I personally love it. The root is great in soba noodles, the seeds taste delicious in soups and the leaf and flower are perfect for teas. This flower tea helps with stomach upsets, digestion and fevers.

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Devilwood Tea

Also known as sweet olive and a part of the osmanthus species, these white blooms are popularly used in teas in China. More often than not, they’re combined with green tea leaves. In other parts of East Asia, they’re used for their fruity fragrance, which is similar to a peach.

Apple Blossom Tea

White and pink apple blossom flowers are sweet to the taste and can keep the doctor away just like its fruit. It helps with clearing skin problems like acne, dark spots and scars, improves digestive system and revitalize the body. Combine with rose or jasmine for that extra deliciousness!

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is one among my most favorite kinds of flowers to make tea with. With its fragrant aroma, delicate flavor and many health benefits, these white flowers make a great drink for the evening time. It can help with lowering cholesterol levels, improving digestive process and cardiovascular health. This flower can also be used to make delicious boba tea!

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Butterfly Pea Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea-(17)-butterfly-pea-asian-pigeon-wingsApart from looking extremely beautiful, dark blue butterfly pea or Asian pigeon wings flowers, are great for infusing tea. This tea is full of antioxidants, helps prevent cancer and improves eyesight and hair growth. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re a bright and luminescent blue in color! These types of flowers are also usually steeped with lemongrass.

Tienchi Flower Tea

Not all types of flowers are sweet to taste and that’s the case with the tienchi flower. If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly love sweet drinks, this one’s for you. A slightly sweet and cooling beverage with a hint of bitterness, tienchi has always been the go-to summer drink in Chinese regions. Drinking tienchi flower tea will cleanse toxins from your body, help with dizziness, colds and sore throats.

Passion Flower Tea

all types of flowers teas infused herbal tea 19 passion flowerApart from making tasty tea, this flower also has other use such as making medicines ’cause it has sedative effects. This flower tea also has calming, drug withdrawal relieving properties, lowers BP, relieves anxiety and improves sleep.

Wild Bergamot Tea

Not to be confused with bergamot orange tea, this infused tea is made from the wild bergamot flower. Also known as bee balm, these colorful flowers attract all sort of insects and birds from bees to butterflies and hummingbirds. And now humans as well because of how delicious they taste when made into tea. It’s got a citrusy and minty taste and many health benefits.

Mullein Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (3)-mulleinThese yellow flowers are found commonly on roadsides and no one would ever think that they could be made into a tasty and healthy herbal tea. And although they come in a variety of colors like purple and red, only the yellow flowers are used in making infused drinks. It relieves respiratory problems, joint pains, headaches and skin troubles.

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Mint Flower Tea

As much as everyone loves and appreciates mint leaf tea, the little white bell flowers from the same plant are seriously underrated. In fact, these can also be used to garnish salads and cakes.

Borage/ Starflower Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (9)-borage-starflowerLike with butterfly pea tea, this flower tea is also a deep blue colored beverage. Both the leaves and flower from this plant can be used to make healthy tea. It has a cooling cucumber-like taste and is a good treatment for bronchitis, cold and blood purification. Also, the oil extracted from the seeds of this plant are used widely in Mediterranean regions.

Violet Tea

With its mellow taste, delightful aroma and benefits like relieving cough, arthiritis and joint pain, make this five petal flower a part of your everyday tea. These beautiful flowers are also used as decoration on cakes and pastries.

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Dandelion Flower Tea

all types of flowers teas infused herbal tea 18 dandelionMost people may consider these weeds, but little do they know about the amount of health benefits one single flower contains. This infused flower tea has a sweet flavor similar to that of honey. And it’s a good source of antioxidants, helps with eye and skin related problems and body aches.

Pansy Tea

Teas made from these common spring flowers make for a great herbal remedy. From fighting skin and lung conditions to relieving coughs and colds, there’s no reason to not drink this flower tea. Pansy flowers are also used to make syrups and flavored honey.

Anise-Hyssop Tea

all types of flowers teas infused herbal tea 21 anise hyssopThese pretty flowers are quite similar to lavender in appearance and have a distinct, minty smell and licorice-like taste. Because of this, these flower types are also called as licorice mint. And consuming it has many benefits such as controlling blood sugar, improving digestion and fighting infections. These purple flowers are also used in cocktails and salads.

Basil Flower Tea

If you’re a lover of Italian food, you probably have basil growing in your garden. Have you ever wondered what you could do with the small flowers? Here’s an idea – make a delicious infused drink! They have a flavor similar but subtler to basil leaves. These really pretty flowers can also be used to top pasta dishes and salads or to make basil flower vinegar for dressing salads.

Cornflower Tea

These blue flowers typically grow near fields where crops like corn grow, hence the name. It’s also one of the many daisy family flowers and is used in all sorts of dishes from soups and cold beverages to baked goods and of course, hot tea! Use this tea as a remedy for stomach aches, stomach ulcers, constipation and digestive problems.

Wild Daisy Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea-(2)-wild-daisyThese common yet cute flowers are used to make tea that’s beneficial for coughs, inflammation and skin. Daisies can also be applied on wounds and other skin problems to help heal them. Even the ancient Romans used this technique. They would use bandages soaked in daisy extract to bind spear and sword cuts.

Hollyhock Tea

Hollyhocks come in a variety of colors and are some of the most beautiful flowers. Tea made from them is beneficial for skin, hair and overall health and well being. Try this infused flower tea hot or cold.

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Honeysuckle Tea

Sweet beverage fans will love this delightful flower tea that tastes just like honey. The ancient Chinese used these orange flowers as a part of many traditional remedies. It can help to fight bacterial and viral infections, cure headaches and improves the overall look of skin. But do make sure you’re only using the flower and nothing else. If you see anything green, just remove it as the other parts of the plant are poisonous. Honeysuckle flower types are also popularly used in perfumes, beauty products and bath oils.

Primrose Tea

These popular flowers may have quite a bland taste but they still have a strong, sweet scent and are very beneficial to the body. It’s good for people with arthiritis, diabetes and skin issues. Primrose can also be fermented to make wine.

Tulip Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (13)-tulipTulips are common in flower bouquet arrangements and are often gifted. If you’ve got one and they’re all dried up, put them to good use instead of throwing them away. The petals of these flowers can be used to make nutritious tea. It has anti-septic properties and helps with headaches, sinus problems and fever.

Sunflower Tea

Tea made from the leaves, seeds and flowers of the sunflower plant is great for bone strength, digestion and tonsils. The taste of this herbal tea is quite bitter but it smells sweet like honey. The Mayans worshiped the plant and often drank tea made from its leaves and ate the other parts of the plant. Even today, the seeds are used in cooking and so is the oil extracted from the seed. Among all types of flowers on this list, I’d say this one is an acquired taste.

Lemon Bergamot Tea

With a strong citrus smell and a taste similar to the wild bergamot mentioned above, this flower can be found in many drinks and dishes. In case you have a cold, cough or sore throat, this drink can help.

Red Clover Tea

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea (8)-red-cloverAlthough these types of flowers are called red clovers, they’re purple in color. Great for anyone struggling with menopause, high cholesterol, insomnia, anxiety or stress. However, this tea is not advisable for kids and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Echinacea Tea

Made from some of the most unique flowers, echinacea tea is a great medicinal drink to improve your holistic health. From fighting cold, cough, ear infections to boosting your immune system, a glass of this infused flower tea can do so much good to your body. And not all types of flowers under the echinacea species have nutritional values. So be careful and make sure you’re only using any of these three – echinacea angustifolia, echinacea pallida and echinacea purpurea.  These are also one among all types of flowers that are used in bouquet arrangements.

Peach Blossom Tea

Among all types of flowers and their teas in this list, peach blossom’s the one I wanna try most, as I love peaches! This flower tea is known to have a sweet, fruity taste and many health benefiting properties.

So that was about all types of flowers that are ideal for making tea and their health benefits. Are you also a lover of infused floral teas? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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