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Alexandra Moura Spring Summer 2020 Collection: An Ode to Fishermen

Discover all the looks from Alexandra Moura Spring Summer 2020 collection, inspired by fishermen and fishing techniques in 20th century.

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Alexandra Moura Spring Summer 2020 collection

Titled ‘Gadidae’, Alexandra Moura Spring Summer 2020 collection is named after what Codfish is called in Latin. Thinking about the hard work and life of fishermen in the 20th century, the designer created a collection of looks that are practical and working-class-inspired.

Fishermen often have to work in adverse conditions and for long hours. Inspired by the fishing techniques and their lifestyle, the looks consist of large pockets, reinforced trousers and unfinished ends. The looks include waterproof and woven fabrics, tunics, vests and overalls.

Color palette includes black, cobalt, burgundy, grey, salmon and two shades of denim, which represent the classic and contemporary – the past and the present.

Beauty looks are interesting, playing up the “wet look”, as if the models just got out of the sea. Bucket bags, body bags and sneakers are included. The most interesting accessory is the necklace – small pearl chokers or knick-knacks, held together with over-sized gold safety pins.

Overall, the collection focuses on practicality, with pocket-play and comfortable silhouettes, something that’s going to be a much-needed concept in the world of fashion in 2020s.

Alexandra Moura Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection: Gallery

Image Credit: Ugo Camera for Alexandra Moura

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