Adventures of Shilpalyn, Episode II

Shilpalyn encounters someone in the forest – someone magical. Who is she? Why does she find Shilpalyn? Read on about her enchanted journey every alternate week…


Shilpalyn danced and walked through the woods by the river, unaware of how far she had come. The fog became thicker and thicker, worrying Shilpalyn about how she’d find her way back. It became darker and darker.

Suddenly, she saw a narrow, bright streak of light coming from a corner, behind a dense thicket. Shilpalyn followed the rays, and she reached a magical place. A patch of wilderness where the river met the sea, shone bright with sunlight. And by the clumping bamboos, lay a mirror, gleaming with the reflection of dazzling sunlight.

Shilpalyn came closer, and realized when she saw her magical reflection, that it was an enchanted mirror. What stared back from the mirror was not Shilpalyn’s surprised face, but a fairy with vivid purple hair and a calm expression. (To be continued…)

Top: Zara
Earrings: Forever 21
Photography: The Guy
Styling, Photo-Editing & Story: Shilpa Ahuja

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