Adopt a Baby: Know These Basics Before Making Your Baby Adoption Decision

As difficult the decision of adopting a baby may be, it’s even more complicated and stressful to go through the process. Get to know the process, options, cost and all the basic information that’s needed to adopt a baby. 

adopt-a-baby-baby-adoption-adoptive-biologocal-parents-process-cost-involved-legal-procedureHowdy! Babies fill one’s world with happiness and there’s always more room for love in the lives of the little ones. They are little bundles of bliss. Many people in the world may not be able to conceive or for any other reasons can’t have babies. But, thanks to the adoption centers and people who give up their babies for adoption, one’s family can become a complete happy family. In our earlier article, we wrote about putting up the baby for adoption but this time we wanna focus on adopting a baby! So, let’s check out everything you need to know before adopting a baby.

Baby Adoption


Baby adoption is the process in which the parentage of the genetic or biological parents is transferred to the adoptive parents. Typically, in baby adoption, once the baby is adopted, the biological parents have no rights over the baby and shall not interfere further in any matters related to the baby.

While writing this, I can imagine how tough it would be for the parents to give up their baby. But you never know what reasons they may have since birth parents always wish for the baby to find a good family and lead a better life. All that matters is the happiness of the baby and the couple.

Considering Adoption

There are many things that one should consider before planning to adopt a baby. You can’t just go and get a baby like groceries! For some people, it may be difficult to be called mom and dad by a stranger. So, the thing is to be mentally ready, make sure will you be comfortable with it and could a family bond will be possible with a new member of the family.

Also, it is important to know what type of adoption you want – domestic or international. Age of the child should also be taken into consideration, like what aged child do you want to adopt, as kids may be adopted as early as when or even before they’re born to up until they’re high schoolers!

Reasons to Adopt a Baby

baby-adoption-how-to-adopt-a-baby-cost-process-procedureThe world may be a happy place to live in but people are not happy all the time. Adopting a baby is one of those things where people have to seek necessary options, whether to extend their family or for the welfare of an orphan child! From fertility issues to others’ welfare to family problems, there are many reasons for which one may consider to adopt a baby. Let’s check ’em out!

1. The foremost and the major reason for which couples consider adoption is infertility. When either of them is not able to go through the fertility process, they make the decision of adopting a baby.

2. Cases where the couple had a baby and due to baby’s death, they may opt for adoption!

3. When the couple is divorced, newly single partners may need to start a family of their own by considering adoption. Similarly, single, uncommitted people also sometimes consider adoption to extend their lineage.

4. It is not possible for same-gender people to have babies biologically with each other and the only option left for them is to have a baby adopted.

5. There are people who even think of children in adoptive centers and their motive behind adoption is giving the kids a good home and a new life.

6. Some people who are able to produce kids but are looking for a particular gender of the baby may opt for adoption.

7. A few think of population growth and consider adopting a child in need rather than giving birth to new one!

8. In some cases, where the couple may have health disorders and they don’t want to pass those health issues to the baby through pregnancy and may think that adoption is a better way.

How to Adopt a Baby

baby-adoption-how-to-reasons-for-adopting-ababyAdopting a baby is not an easy task and requires excessive research and information before going for it. Also, it’s necessary to go for legal adoption process so as to not have any problems in future.

1. Firstly, appoint a lawyer who can help you go through the adoption process smoothly.

2. The couple or single parent need to decide whether they want to adopt a baby from an agency or directly from biological parents.

2. If you’re looking to adopt from the agency, then look for the various centers near your place learn what’s the procedure and what details they require for prospective parents.

3. Then, look for what age child you want. You can either appoint a consultant who will help you to find the child according to your requirements. In some cases, you may want a particular child but the agency or the parents may be unwilling to give you the baby.

4. Once there’s a green signal from both the sides you can meet and greet the child. After all the paperwork and court session are done you can take the child home and this way the child can be your legal family member.

Options for Adoption

age-limit-for-adoptions-21-how-to-adopt-a-babySimilar to putting up the baby for adoption, adopting a baby may also have open and closed adoption. Closed adoption is the one in which no information is given to both the families of the parents or any other birth details. While open adoption allows communication with the biological parents and baby’s siblings if any!

Can You Adopt a Baby Online?

While there are many adoption centers that have an online presence. You may even find birth parents who want to give up a baby for adoption post messages on social media, online NGOs, you really can’t adopt a baby online. It is a complicated process to make sure all legalities are taken care of and its best done when both parties are present face to face to solve any issues.

Adopt a Newborn Baby

reasons-for-adopting-a-baby-requirements-for-adoptive-parentsIt is always better to adopt a newborn as the relationship will be triggered from the beginning and that will help in making the bond stronger. In this way, you can also experience the child’s infancy and create memories together.

To adopt a newborn baby, you’ll have to talk to the biological parents when the mother is going through pregnancy and can adopt as soon as the baby is delivered. In such cases, you’ll even be able to make it legal with the help of an adoption lawyer, so that no complications arise once the baby is born. And you’ll even be able to help with the mothers’ pregnancy or delivery healthcare.

Adoption Within Family

Family member adoption is known as kinship adoption. If the birth parents die or are not able to take care of the baby, then any of the family members can take care of the child instead of putting the baby in foster care. Kinship adoption is also common for infertile parents.

Age Limit for Adoption

With respect to the age of the baby, there is no age limit. You can adopt a child of any age. However, the adoptive parents must be of 21 years to adopt a baby.

Requirements for Adoptive Parents

baby-adoption-how-to-adopt-a-baby-happy-familyWhile there are certain requirements which the parents themselves must have before adopting a baby.

1. The foster parents must be 21 years old to adopt a baby.

2. The criminal record of the adoptive parents is checked and the parents are eligible to adopt a child only if there is no criminal record.

3. If the parents have serious medical conditions! The agency thinks that the parents will not be able to take care of the child, then it will not be possible to adopt a baby.

4. The financial security of the parents is checked. Although, there is no specific income requirement, but it has to be proved that their resources are enough to raise the child.

Cost of Adopting a Baby

The cost for adopting a baby depends on foster care centers and biological parents. Some parents having financial problems may give up their babies for adoption free of cost, as they want a good and happy upbringing of their child. However, the cost varies from country to country!

 Is it Easy To Adopt in Own Country Or Internationally?

baby-adoption-reason-to-adopt-a-baby-procedureIt is always easy and better to adopt a child from your own country because adoption laws in every country are different and unforeseen complications may arise while the legalities are taken care of. You will also have language problem if you adopt an older child. Also, the child need not suffer much to adjust to the environmental conditions.

Some even prefer to adopt baby internationally! As in a few countries, the adoption process is straight-forward and takes less time for the formalities to be completed. So it depends on what country you’re in.

So, this is all about adopting a baby. Do let us know your thoughts by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja. 

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