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ShilpaAhuja.com is a digital fashion magazine, covering topics like runway trends, fashion & beauty tips, lifestyle, skin care, men’s & women’s style, celebrity style, travel, culture and more.


Howtogetinto-Harvard.com is a Harvard admissions guide, written by a Harvard graduate, covering everything from applying to living at Harvard. It’s your unofficial guide to acing Harvard applications.


CareerNuts.com is an encyclopedia of career options, written by professionals in every field. It is a platform to help students & parents to understand various professions so that they can make an informed choice in their career selection.


Decorisk.com is an online interior decor magazine focused on DIY projects, budget renovations, interior design trends and more.

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September 2022 Issue

The AI Art Issue AI Models Are Here! September 2022 Issue | ShilpaAhuja.com Cover art: Abhishek Sareen via Midjourney on Business Tenet Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Artists? by Editor-in-Chief Shilpa Ahuja Cover Story … Read more