90s Jewelry: A Guide to Puka Shell Necklace & Other 90s Jewelry Trends

From trendy tattoo chokers to multilayered necklaces, the 90s jewelry fashion was super cool! Let’s roll back to the accessories of the 90s and refresh the memories!

90s jewelry 90s-jewelry-trends-1990-jewellery-earring-stack-bracelets-trendy-accessoriesHey vintage beauty! The decade of the 90s, aww! Throws me back to the childhood days, which was one of life’s best seasons. And now all of a sudden I want to be a kid again. Not possible though! Ok, let me come back from those memories and let’s take a sneak peek at the 1990s fashion. When it comes to fashion, the things which pop up in my mind are outfits and jewelry. A simple piece of jewelry immediately upgrades the look of any outfit, and the 90s were never shy about the big and bold jewelry pieces. Check out our guide to the 90s jewelry trends here!

90s Jewelry

The 90s was the era of bold must-haves and so it was with jewelry. Be it a tattoo choker or stacked finger rings or jelly bracelets, lots of the 90s fashion jewelry styles were easy to pull off. Large oversized studs, multilayered necklaces, and broad bracelets were very popular in the 90s. I myself owned quite a few of them!

90s Jewelry Trends

90s jewelry trends included hoop earrings, chunky jewelry, slap bracelets and many more. The 90s jewelry trends continue to inspire the world of fashion and many trends like the chokers and pearl jewelry are back. Check them all out below.

1. Puka Shell Jewelry

Talking about 90s fashion jewelry and not mentioning puka shell would be insane. A trend which cannot be forgotten by a 90s kid. Shell jewelry is basically made from puka beads and shells. It was also famous as a 90s men’s jewelry trend. If your boyfriend is from the 90s and did not own a puka shell necklace at that time, sure bet he’s never been trendy at all! 😉 This 90s trend made a comeback on the runways in Prada Fall Winter 2017 collection. Puka shell was perf for vacations and pool parties, and was worn casually with street style, too.

puka-shell-necklace-90s-jewelry-fashion-trends-19902. 90s Choker

The trend of the 90s jewelry that is back with a bang this year is chokers. Chokers have been in the spotlight for a past few years now and I’m glad that they’re back! Tattoo chokers, chokers with a tiny pendant (like the smiley face), gothic, velvet, satin ribbon chokers made waves in that era. Celebrities like Lisa Kudrow, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore perfectly rocked 90s choker necklace.

90s-choker-accessory-jewelry-1990-jewellery-trends-kate-moss3. 90s Hoop Earrings

Large bold hoops were very popular in the 90s. When you ran out of ideas on what earrings to put on, hoops come to the rescue. Hoop earrings looked classy and were embraced by high-fashion houses, celebrities and 90s supermodels alike. Large silver hoops were the 90s fashion jewelry trends. They are still trendy and one of my personal favorites. Apart from hoop earrings, the 90s had large studs and drop & dangle earrings.


I grew up seeing the 90s necklaces as my mom was fond of jewelry and I admired the way she wore them. 90s necklaces included long chain necklaces, multilayered pearl necklaces, collar necklaces and leather chain necklaces. 90s charm necklaces were also popular in the decade! A 90s wardrobe would have been incomplete without the large pearl necklaces as they were quite famous. Talking of this reminds me of a picture with my mom where she wore a pink saree and layered pearl collar necklace with matching drop earrings and pearl bracelet. Thanks Shilpa for taking me down memory lane! 🙂


5. Bracelets from the 90s

Accessories really make an outfit and who knows that better than a 90s kid! As much as simple dainty bracelets are the thing now, beaded bracelets were quite popular then. Jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, letter beaded ones and tattoo bracelets were trending in the 90s. Slap bracelets were my favorites. They were more of a toy than a piece of jewelry!


6. 90s Hip Hop Jewelry

From chunky chain link necklaces to oversized studs, 90s hip-hop fashion was woah! The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of hip-hop fashion is loud. Not only were the outfits bold but also their jewelry. Long multi-layered necklaces, stacked bracelets, and quirky pieces of jewelry were worn by the 90s hip-hop stars. I always wondered if it’s difficult for them to perform with such huge and heavy pieces of jewelry. Maybe that’s where they get the energy to perform!

90s Men’s Fashion: Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk and More Iconic 90s Trends


7. 90s Grunge Jewelry

When we talk about 90s grunge fashion, how can we forget Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore. They were famous for their grunge look. Simple chain necklaces with huge pendants made up the grunge jewelry of the 90s. To recreate the 90s grunge look, wear a plaid shirt paired with ripped or patchwork denim and add a long chain necklace with a cross pendant and layer on some thin rings on one finger. Also, don’t forget to put on chunky earrings.


 8. 90s Costume Jewelry

A 90s outfit would be quirky and yet trendy. If you need outfit ideas for a 90s themed costume party or decade day, go for the hip-hop look that includes chunky chain necklace and multi-finger rings. If you wanna dwell in the grunge 90s look, try the long chain necklace with quirky pendants. Here’s another tip for your costume party – try the high fashion look with leather and gold jewelry with jewel-encrusted hoops and multi twist rings. To add more fun to your outfit, put on the curly 90s wig.


90s Throwback Fashion

Amongst 90s accessories, there are so many 90s fashion jewelry trends that are back with a bang this year. The comeback trends include tattoo chokers, pearl collar necklaces and of course puka shell jewellery. So, don’t hesitate to try out these retro trends again as they are ruling the fashion world! We’re seeing them both on the runways and celebrities.

90s-comebcak-trends-gigi-hadid-pearl-collar-necklace-chokersSo that was our guide on 90s jewelry. What are your favorite 90s fashion accessories trends? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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