90s Fashion Trends: 90s are Back with These 11 Throwback Styles

Some of the 90s fashion trends were inspiring, while the others – we’re happy to leave them behind. Take a look at the 11 90s fashion trends that are back this year!

90s fashion trends 90s-fashion-trends-womens-1990-retro-styleHey sexy! Being a 90s kid, I grew up watching the fashion of Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and of course Jennifer Aniston – one of my favorite Friends television actresses. The slightly off the shoulder dresses worn by Rachel Green made me feel stylishly inspired. Apart from Joey’s hilarious expressions, I always waited to watch the fashion of Rachel! Good or bad, all the fashion trends of 90s were so interesting – those baggy jeans, loose trousers and OMG, the skinny metallic dresses that became quite popular after being spotted on Kate Moss.

90s Fashion Trends

Before getting into the nitty gritties of the 90s fashion trends that are back, let me talk a bit about the 90s fashion in general. It included all-time famous slip dresses, loose jeans, skimpy metallic dresses and grungy leather jackets. Read all about the 90s fashion here.  Let’s take a look at the 90s trends that a making a comeback in the present era!

1. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were the quintessential 1990s look. From celebrities to supermodels, from street style to runways, they ruled the 90s era. Slips were so easy to pull off and instantly gave a stylish look. Those worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and City can be used as a guidebook on how to wear the slip dresses.

Satin slip dress gets the number one ranking followed by sequined and metallic ones. We see this trend making a comeback on the runways this season. The low neckline and thin straps look so flattering and are quite easy to pull off! Just throw a simple pendant chain necklace and you’re good to go.

2. 90s Jeans

Denims are undeniable fashion favorites. Since the late 1800s, when they were invented, they have never gone out of the fashion world. Of course, the trends in denim kept on changing but the fabric has been evergreen. No matter what age group you belong to, one’s wardrobe is incomplete without denim jeans. Baggy jeans were the most popular amongst 90s fashion trends giving a hip-hop look. Also, acid wash jeans which were seen in Beverly Hills 90210, an American teen drama television series, became quite famous 1990s fashion. Then, there were ripped grunge jeans. The 90s saw large rips, inspired by hip-hop fashion. Not to forget the trendy mom jeans, too!


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3. 90s Loose Pants

Loose pants were such a big 90s trend. They may have been trendy in the 90s but I hated them. But regardless they were one of the trendiest and most popular 90s women’s fashion. Back then, wearing an oversized t-shirt and loose pants created the perf 90s look. Apart from the airflow, I don’t see any reason to wear frumpy loose pants!

90s-loose-fashion-trends-1990-womens-fashion-clothing-ideas4. Slightly Off-the-Shoulder

90s fashion was bold with mesh slip dresses and rib-long necklines, but they also saw the demure, slightly off-the-shoulder dresses. With flattering neckline, the off-the-shoulder dresses and tops were seen on celebs like Jennifer Aniston in Friends. Be it a gown or a top or dress, the off-the-shoulder was famous in all the 90s clothing. We started seeing not slight but more of off-the-shoulder and also strapless dresses earlier this year. This trend was rocking as a runway favorite and best street style look too! But we’re seeing the peek-a-boo shoulder again now in Spring Summer 2018 collections.

90S-off-the-shoulder-dress-fashion-trends-1990-womens-style5. Skimpy Metallic Dress

The first thought that comes to my mind when we talk about skimpy metallic dresses is, any guesses? You’re right if you guessed Kate Moss! The sheer slip dress of Kate became the talk of the town when she wore it to a fashion agency’s party in 1993. The dress looked so bold and youthful. Even Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing one on her 18th birthday. The metallic dresses have always been perfect party outfits and so they were in the 90s.

Style tip: For a 90s themed party, wear a sheer metallic dress and complete the look with a puka shell necklace. For sure, you gonna win hearts and win the best-dressed woman title, too (if any)!

90S-skimpy-metallic-dress-latest-1990-trends-womens-style-retro6. Sexy Mesh Dresses

Another fashion trend of the 1990 era was the mesh dress. Play peek-a-boo with these dresses. Metallic mesh dresses were made popular by Versace and all the 90s supermodels wore them. They are back with Versace Spring Summer 2018 RTW collection and we’re seeing them on celebrities all over red carpets.


90s-mesh-dress-fashion-trends-1990-most-popular-womens-styles7. Matrix Sunglasses

This was one of the best 90s fashion trends. After the release of the movie Matrix in the late 90s, the black sunglasses got the name from the movie. Matrix sunglasses are basically narrow reaching just the exact half of the nose or even less. They looked super cool and trendy. These were one of the most fashionable 90s accessories, owned by every 90s kid! We saw the Matrix sunglasses in the SS18 collections of Balenciaga and Prada. They look so sexy and I would like to grab a pair to rock my next party!

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8. 90s Choker

If we talk about the 90s and how could we forget the chokers? Impossible, right! The chokers were very popular especially tattoo chokers and smiley face pendant chokers. Also, thin velvet, satin ribboned chokers, and gothic ones made their way in the 90s jewelry trends.  They really gave a cool street-style look. This jewelry trend is back this year and has been as popular as it was in the 90s. Also, if you ask me who wore the chokers best, I would vote for Sarah Jessica Parker who almost tried all styles of chokers that were trendy back then.

90s-choker-1990-womens-fashion-jewelry-trends-chokers9. 90s Makeup

90s makeup, especially of the supermodels, was all about flawless skin with mascara but not much drama. The no makeup look is back this year taking an inspiration from the 90s. Also, apart from the no makeup look, the bold grunge look was equally popular and trendy. Very thin brows, metallic eyeshadow and dark lip shades were popular makeup trends in the 90s. And who can forget the iconic brown 90s lipsticks worn by Rachel Green in Friends! If you’re missing the 90s days, then pay a tribute to them by trying the nude or chocolate brown lipsticks for the lips, metallic or the trendy blue eyeshadow for eyes and no contouring.

90s-lipsticks-1990-makeup-chocolate-brown-lipstick10. 90s Grunge Hair Trend

Fashion goes in a cycle and what was trendy years ago, comes back sooner or later. So is the grunge hairstyle! Grunge hair trend is basically more of a messy and out of the bed look. This look was quite famous then, especially made popular by grunge girls Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss. Today’s icons like Rihanna and Taylor Hill have been spotted rocking this again. And it’s one of the top hair trends from Spring 2018 runways!

90s-grunge-hair-1990-fashion-trends-womens-retro-style11. High Fashion 90s Jewelry

90s jewelry trends included chunky jewelry, leather chain necklaces and pearl collar necklaces. Layering was a thing in the 90s jewelry trends. Multilayered necklace or a pearl collar necklace paired with a choker, long chain necklaces stacked together and mood rings. The high fashion 90s jewelry was bold and sometimes hip-hop type. The trend we’re seeing back is the leather and chain necklaces from Chanel Fall 1991 collection. We saw it back in Moschino Spring 2018 collection.

90s-fashion-jewelry-1990-trends-fashion-trends-styles-1990So, these are the 90s fashion trends with which the 90s people rocked their fashion sense and looked stylish! Apart from these 11 90s fashion trends, which 1990s fashion would you like to see making a comeback or which one you never want to see again? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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