9 Timeless Outfits That Never Go Out of Fashion

Trends come and go, but there are certain timeless outfits that really never go out of style. Here are the 9 you need in your closet and how to wear them!

I may write about the latest trends every season at ShilpaAhuja.com. But my personal style is all about timelessness. My wardrobe consists mostly of fashion essentials that I can mix and match to create quick outfits. This helps me dress quickly every morning. I keep adding trendy items like accessories or separates from time to time to update my wardrobe though. And that helps me make my daily outfits fresh and interesting.

shilpa ahuja shilpaahujadotcom lifestyle fashion beauty travel india indian blog blogger image pic about blue dress necklace e1425968132721But I love investing more in the classic clothes that never go out of style and that I can create timeless outfits with. So here I made a list of the 9 timeless outfits. Invest in high-quality separates and they’ll last you a long time!

1. The Little Black Dress

timeless clothing lbd classic outfit little black dress style

The LBD is a classic must-have – every woman’s wardrobe essential. No closet is complete without it. Check out any party – and you’ll find at least one woman wearing the LBD – whether it’s a cocktail party, birthday party, office party or a high school prom. From Audrey Hepburn to Cindy Crawford, every style icon has embraced it. And if there’s one outfit that never goes out of fashion, it’s the LBD worn with plain black pumps.

We all have our own way of accessorizing it, and our own favorite style of little black dress. You can dress it up or down with belts, boots, bags, necklaces and bracelets. But if you want a must-have accessory to go with it that’ll always be in style, go for black studs or a pearl necklace.

little_black_dress_lbd_formal_sexy_lacy_heels_pearl_necklace_night_party_travel_look_style_fashion_shilpa_ahuja2. White Tee and Jeans

timeless-fashion-white-tee-never-goes-out-of-fashion-styleNever underestimate the power of a white tee. If you don’t have anything to wear, this is the outfit to wear. A simple and comfy white tee can be paired with a necklace or just worn as is with a pair of classic straight-cut jeans. A true no-fail outfit for the days you just wanna be comfy and practical – be it for grocery shopping, a low-key breakfast date or a walking-the-dog trip. You can pair these with sneakers, slip-ons or ballet flats.

3. Solid Button-Up Shirt with Straight-Cut Black Formal Trousers

imeless-outfits-blue-pant-forma-work-wear-never-goes-out-of-styleThe go-to work look, a solid colored shirt can be thoughtlessly paired with your favorite black pants. Great for those headache-inducing Monday mornings or those mid-week meetings or even impromptu interviews. Whenever you wanna look polished but don’t have time to shop for a new outfit, this will work the best. So always have a washed, neatly-ironed button-up shirt in your closet. Just add a pendant necklace, a black belt, pumps and you’re good to go.

4. Sheath Dress

timeless-dresses-sheath-never-goes-out-of-styleFrom Kate Middleton to Princess Diana, anyone who has the classy, refined style loves to wear sheath dresses. It’s a garment for every tasteful lady. A sheath dress in a pastel or precious stone color never goes out of style. Just pair it with a pair of matching pumps or peep-toes, a sling bag and you’re ready for a lunch, date or afternoon party! Add a cashmere cardigan for the chilly evenings or fall afternoons.

5. White Mini-Skirt with Collared T-Shirt

timeless-outfits-white-skirt-classic-fashion-styleThis youthful outfit can be worn for any casual occasion – from a classroom to a coffee date to shopping trips to brunches. It’s a retro-inspired look that really never loses its chic charm. So whenever you wanna look cute yet distinguished, go for this look!

6. White Shift Dress Under Knee-Length Coat

timeless-outfits-white-sheath-style-essentials-never-goes-out-of-styleA white or cream colored shift dress is a timeless piece of clothing. This classic outfit can be worn in so many ways, so it’s really a wardrobe staple. Wear it as it is in the summer, and under a knee-length wool coat in the winter. You can add a belt or necklace for creating your own unique outfit.

7. Black Leather Jacket Over Frayed Jeans

timeless-outfits-lather-jacket-80s-retro-casual-styleThe moto-jacket look is super cool and casual. It works well both for casual outings and night-outs. You can dress it with statement earrings, hoops or stacked bracelets, depending on what’s in trend, but this day-to-night look really never goes out of style. It hasn’t since the 80s!

8. Sleeveless Blouse with Flared Knee-Length Skirt

timeless-outfits-sleeveless-blouse-knee-length-skirt-style-classicA solid colored sleeveless top in a pastel shade always looks elegant and polished, especially when worn with a neutral-colored knee-length skirt. Pencil skirts are another good alternative. I personally find flared skirts more comfortable and they work well for both Fridays at work and weekend brunches. For a really timeless look, go for a really simple cut of the blouse in a light pastel shade – neither too loose nor too fit, without any embellishments, pussy-bows or ruffles. You can accessorize this look with peep-toes, a skinny belt and a pendant chain necklace or a matching bracelet. Add a pair of chic sunglasses and a sling-bag for a trendy update.

sophisticated-brunch-outfit-ideas-shilpa-ahuja-fashion-blogger-what-to-wear-elegant-skirt-top9. The Pant Suit

timeless outfits pant suit classic timeless style work formalsThe quintessential pant suit is the best investment for any woman’s wardrobe. A navy, deep charcoal grey or black one is a must-have for impromptu interviews, winter work-days or conferences. But what I love the most is that you can just pair the jacket with jeans or a skirt to create so many more outfits – casual enough for the airports, and polished enough for lunch dates.

How many of these timeless fashion pieces do you have in your closet? Perhaps next time you go shopping, instead of buying 3 tops you’ll wear only once, invest in separates that’ll never go out of fashion!

Ciao! Muaah 🙂

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