9 Temporary Tattoo Trends All Artists & Ink Lovers are Trying

Hey gorgeous! The world of temporary tattoos was earlier confined to spring concerts and gold and silver gypsy designs. But latest temporary tattoo trends are changing the way we think about them.

Temporary Tattootrends-2018-2019--ideas-designs

I have been looking at many artists’ work on Instagram and on their websites and I found a single trend that stood out in common. The new trend is that ink artists are coming up with small, minimal designs that any art lover can get, who wants to display a thought or bit of their personality on their body without the lifelong commitment.

No longer the cliched mandala and hippie armlets, temporary tattoos are now coming in some pretty neat designs. (My featured image now seems misleading, huh!?) So from pop culture to science inspired, let’s take a look at the latest temporary tattoo trends!

p-Temporary Tattoo Trends You Gotta Check Out

9 Temporary Tattoo Trends You Gotta Check Out

1. Realistic Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos that look real – that may become wish fulfillment for us ink lovers who just can’t commit but want a “proper” tattoo! If they don’t hurt, I can consider one. Temporary tattoos last for 3-14 days, if that’s not too much commitment for you, go for it!! This particular one is a barcode tattoo, which signifies the wearer’s lack of the belief that they’re unique among many. Barcode tattoos signify considering oneself as a commodity. As a second meaning, it can also be a nod to the growing consumerism and big company culture that treats everyone as a number. Honestly, I don’t like the barcode idea.

small barcode tattoos back latest 2018 2019 new ideas

2. Science-y Tattoos

This one’s a cross between inspirational and science-y themes. To the unknowing, this may just seem like the chemical structure of any other molecule, but it’s actually serotonin. It’s also known as the happiness molecule. While low serotonin is linked to depression, high serotonin in our body contributes to our happiness and good mood!

small chemistry serotonin happiness depression tattoo sexy 2018 ideas

3. Self-Love

Self love and inspirational tattoos are nothing new in the permanent ink world, but these tiny realistic looking tats are now also for our temporary interests! When you don’t have to worry about a quote you’ll love forever, or tattoo removal information, temporary tattoos are the best idea to go for!

small wrist hand new tattoo designs fly bird believe self love inspiration ideas

4. Food and Drink Minimals

Minimalist tattoos are the general trend right now, like lines and symbols. And if one can just represent our favorite drink, that’d be great. Oh wait, there you go. Photoshopped it for you!

tattoos for wine lovers food drink minimal black small hand wrist ideas

5. Temporary Couple Tattoos

Convinced your soulmate is just a summer fling? Well, then this ones for you!! Although the tattoos in my image say “Always” so that sounds hypocritical. Oh, well!

couple tattoo ideas always harry potter designs latest hand

6a. Pop Culture: Harry Potter/ Wizarding World

Not that Harry Potter fandom cannot be permanent, but at least if you wanna show a temporary love for a particular theory, aspect, character or what not, these temporary tattoos are gonna be the perf choice! Here’s a Deathly Hallows one, for our upcoming Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald screening!

harry potter deathly hallows tattoo latest designs symbol trend

And here’s a Dark Mark tattoo, which I’d like, even though I’m a Gryffindor, but I’m sure Voldemort can find a place for me in his ranks. #DeathEaterForADay

harry potter fan tattoos dark mark arm latest ideas design hot

6b. Pop Culture: Riverdale

The second pop culture fandom that’s gaining popularity in the temporary tattoo world is Riverdale. If you’re a fan of the girly TV series revolving around Archie comic characters, you can show your love with a Jughead crown/beanie. Or a Pop’s sign!

riverdale jughead crown tattoo cute colur 2018 latest designs

pops riverdale fan tattoos pop culture ideas designs latest temporary

7. DNA Tattoos

DNA tattoos have been gaining more and more popularity lately. They can mean a couple of things. Individuality is one meaning, like we all have unique DNA and that’s what defines us and our “essence,” so to say. Another meaning of DNA tattoo is life, and the experience of being alive. One of the things that differentiate us from non-living things, is our possession of DNA, I guess that sounds unromantic, but that’s what it is.

Broken DNA strand tattoos are also a thing, like this one. DNA usually self-repair, but damaged DNA isn’t a good thing in the body. It is linked to health issues such as cancer, so this is a dark tattoo choice unless you’re fighting a disease.

latest minimal dna science tattoo temporary sexy 2019 new trend

8. Simple Geometric Tattoos

Black and white is the general cool trend in temporary tattoos these day. And geometric tattoos are mostly getting small, and very minimal. This yin and yang one is all about neat symmetry!

minimal geometric tattoo temporary sexy 2019 new trends shoulder

9. Stencil Text Tattoos

Personally, I’m loving these over the cheesy flowery fonts that most tattoos are written in. Ugh, so cliched. So go for this simplistic stencil font to get the work of your choice inked on your shoulder or wrist!

Temporary Tattoo new tattoo designs for 2018 patience self love inspiration text ideas

I do have another one trend to talk about, but I’m just gonna suffice its absence here with three well-thought of excuses/points: 1. I wrote the title as “9 Temporary Tattoo Trends, blah, blah, blabbity, blah”. 2. I haven’t Photoshopped its image yet [Yes, these are all Photoshopped tattoos, muhahaha (Don’t worry it’s free to use/edit images)]. And 3. I’m very sick today so let’s just cut me some slack and read the seven hundred ninenty nine words I’ve written up to the point. Oh it’s Eight-oh-one now.

Anyway, hope my points have convinced you why we should have a whole new post next time for just one trend. I assure you it’ll be worth it. Whenever I get time to write it, between our fashion forecasts for Spring 2019 and so many other content I’ve planned for this month! And the next! And the next to next…!

So did you like these new temporary tattoo trends? Which one are you thinking of getting? Lemme know below! And show me your own temporary tattoo by tagging me on your Instagram pic @shilpaahujadotcom! Muaah 🙂

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  1. I really like the temporary couple tattoos. Matching temporary tattoos might assist to symbolize your feelings for individuals around you. Getting a matching tattoo is already a statement of intimacy and togetherness, a link shared exclusively with the most important individuals in your life. It is both beautiful and profound.


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