5 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Enjoy Working from Home

Thanks to high speed internet and of course, Covid, many people are working from their homes these days. According to a 2021 survey by FlexJobs, 97% of desire some form of remote work! A similar Upwork survey predicted that around 36.2 million Americans could be working remotely by 2025. And this is happening globally.

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5 Tips to Make your Working Remotely Enjoyable

Working from home has numerous benefits like choosing your own environment and being able to spend more time around family. And there are so many different types of easy jobs these days that allow WFH or remote employees. However, it also presents problems like lack of social stimulation and set schedule, the temptation of working at the last minute, and distractions like the snacks in your fridge.

And while with practice, one does learn to overcome procrastination, it makes for a dull environment. It would help if you practiced self-care since it’s an excellent way to ensure your working home remains productive and you do not get stressed. So let’s discover the secret of actually enjoying working remotely.


Have a Dog

Whether working remotely or from an office, having a dog proves to be very helpful for the dog owner. Numerous people work from home and sometimes working at home could be stressful. The fluffy friend will help you reduce work stress and anxiety. The dog will give you a companion, especially if you live alone, and you won’t feel lonely. A study shows that snugging and patting your dog reduces stress hormones released from your brain. If you decide to adopt a dog, make sure you are aware of their health concerns like ACL, etc. That’s why you should pamper your four-legged animal and get a dog ACL brace, since it brings the smile back to your face.

Get Enough Sleep

Being efficient while working at home shouldn’t turn you into a workaholic. So at all costs, avoid working till 3 am. Get enough sleep; stick to the same office schedule as 9 to 5-ers. Rise early and sleep early too. Lack of enough sleep will make you groggy all day with no energy to tackle the work. Lack of enough sleep might lead to the temptation to sleep during the afternoon affecting your work productivity. You can take a stroll outside if you get sleepy instead of taking an afternoon nap.

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Set a Work Office at Home

Your laptop might be your office, but it is good to have a place designated for working, even if it’s at the corner of your kitchen. Dress up to get your brain to be prepared for work. The setting of a designated working space gives you the feeling you care about your work. Make sure you get a proper desk and an ergonomic chair so your posture is right while working. Do not bring work to your bed because it will interfere with your sleep or ability to relax. Keep your work space and sleep space separate.

Get up at least Hourly to Stretch

Working continuously without taking short breaks could lead to many health problems. Working unnaturally long hours could lead to stroke or even death; that’s why you should take hourly intervals. Stick to an office-like schedule with set timings for start and end of the work say, and lunch break. Additionally, at the end of every hour, step out, stretch, breathe fresh air, and then come back. It’s a way of self-care; so don’t deny yourself that.

Create a Calm Environment

Working at home gives you freedom over your environment. Keep your working space calm to avoid stress when working. Pamper yourself with fresh flowers and scented candles and put them on your desk. If you love a beautiful view, set your working space in front of your window so that you can work enjoying the scenic view from outside. You can also get a couple of desk plants and decorate your work space or desk with a cute coaster, travel memorabilia or a family photo.

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Working from home doesn’t mean overworking; you need to live a lifestyle that will give you time to dine with friends and family. Take care of your mental health by getting a fluffy friend, getting enough sleep, and taking evening strolls to relax. Looks for a healthy way to comfort yourself and set your priorities when practicing self-love doesn’t make you selfish but a platform to take care of yourself.

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