5 Fitness Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Stylish Workout

From yoga to Zumba, here are 5 fitness outfit ideas for all your workout needs. Discover how to look your best even while working out!

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In spite of loads of work, women never compromise when it comes to the maintenance of their bodies. From Zumba to long distance cycling to cardio there are many activities that help us burn those extra calories. The intensity of each activity differs and so do the fitness outfit ideas. For any workout, consider the fabric of the outfit, the way it fits and most importantly – comfort. The more comfortable outfits you wear, the more effective the work out will be!

Take a look at 5 different fitness outfit ideas and tips on how to wear them! Yoga, weight training, running, Zumba – we got you covered for everything!

1. Fitness Outfit Ideas for Jogging


The best outfit ideas for jogs and runs are loose shorts paired with a tank top over sports bra. In winters, opt for leggings and a sweat shirt. If you are going for jogging in the day time, then add on some accessories like sunglasses and a cap. You can also put on a fitness tracker watch that will help you track your daily fitness targets!

jogging workout outfit ideas latest victoria sport e14848268114022. Fitness Outfit for Weight-Training

workout-weight-training-fitness-outfit-ideas-what-to-wear-while-working-out-adviceWeight training is a hard core fitness activity. In this a few minutes of cardio is required prior to the the weight training and stretching after the intensive workout. So, opt for super comfortable outfits which help you in completing the entire process in just one outfit.

The perfect fitness workout outfit for weight training is a pair of shorts or leggings and a skinny tank top worn over a comfortable sports bra. You can also put on a crop top if you wanna expose those sweaty abs. 🙂 Put on a gripper to your hand to have a perfect grip of the equipments. Match the color of your head band or hair tie to your shoes to create a statement look. Or co-ordinate the color of stripes on the sides of your leggings with your top!

victoria-secret-weight-training-outfits-latest-workout-ideas3. Zumba Outfit Ideas

Fitness-outfit-ideas-for-zumba-loose-pants-tank-tops-head-bands-zumbaIf you are a music person and love to move your hips to your favorite tunes, you probably already are a Zumba lover! Dancing with fitness, how cool is that! Fitness workout outfits for Zumba include knee-length leggings and tees. Stretchable yoga pants are also a great idea. Pair them with a droopy arm hole tank top. Flexibility and agility are important in Zumba, so wear stretchable outfits!

zumba-outfit-ideas-workout-dtylig-tips4. Best Outfit Ideas for Yoga

workout-outfit-ideas-yoga-fitness-outfit-ideas-crop-top-paddes-sports-braFitness outfit ideas for yoga include the yoga pants or ankle length leggings. I personally prefer the yoga pants as they are little loose and ribbed at the bottom and help me do the yoga poses with ease. You can pair these pants with a sheer crop top worn over a sports bra. Tees or tank tops also work for yoga.

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workout-outfit-ideas-yoga-latest5. Outfit Ideas for Workout at Home


If you do not find time to go out for a physical activity, you can surely workout at home. But this does not mean that you can wear anything, no! With a proper outfit, you can feel sexy and also have an effective workout! While working out at home, we try to mix high and low intensity workout, so its a good idea to put on an outfit that would be comfortable for all the activities. Track pants and simple t-shirts make the best and comfiest fitness workout outfits for home exercises.

workout-at-home-latest-ideas-gym-victoria-secretSo, these are the fitness outfit ideas for all your needs! Which outfit idea did you like the most and gonna try in your next workout session? Do let us know in comments below!

Image Credits for all workout poses: Victoriasport via Instagram

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