5 Dior Makeup Products I Love

Face Powder – Diorskin Forever Compact

Face is the most important in creating an undone sort of natural makeup look. Spend most time on the face, making it look fresh, wash with cold water and massage it a bit. Make sure all your bemishes are covered when you prepare your base or use concealer, leaving you with healthy looking skin. I first moisturized my skin, because it gets dry often. I skipped base and foundation for this look, because I wanted a natural look that wouldn’t completely hide my skin’s unevenness or pores.  I used a concealer under the eyes, and below my lips.

Then I used the Diorskin Forever Compact, a shade lighter than my skin tone, and I usually use it without base because I like my makeup as light as possible and it has a good coverage on its own, and it gives a nice glow. But if you want to use foundation or base, make sure to use your fingers to apply it for a lighter natural-looking coverage.


Liquid Eyeliner – Dior Intensite Eclat Liquid Eyeliner

I used a pink eye shadow on eye shadow base first, and then applied Dior’s Intensite Eclat Liquid Eyeliner 094. Keep it close to the lash line, thinner on the inside and thicker as you go out, for full bigger-looking eyes. You can make it darker and smudge it out with pencil eyeliner if you prefer a subtly smokey look. Or you can create a winged look with this. I love this because of its really thin brush, which helps me create thin lines near the inner corner of my eye or create wings.


Pencil Eyeliner – Dior Crayon Pencil Eyeliner

I used Dior Crayon Pencil Eyeliner in Black on my lower waterline, to give it a definition. But you may skip this one, or apply it just below the waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. Either ways, use the smudgestick at the back to smudge it, but very lightly so it gives a natural effortless look, but doesn’t spread it all over.


Lip pencil – Dior Crayon Contour Lipliner Pencil

I used a lip balm first because using just the lip pencil dries out the lips and makes the lip color appear flakey and chapped. Then I applied Dior’s Crayon Contour Levres Lipliner Pencil 463 Candy Rose. I used it to create my lip’s outline and also filled in the entire lips. Using the lip liner over the lip balm just easily mixes it, almost creating a lipstick effect, only more long lasting and easier to apply on my tiny lips 😛

This color is just a shade darker than my natural lip color, so be sure to select something like that for yourself. That makes it so much more versatile because it brings out your lips, but not as much as to overpower your facial features or eye makeup, and you can use it anywhere from office to parties.


Lipgloss – Dior Addict 043

I skipped lipstick because that just doesn’t give my lips a natural look. Instead I used this Dior Addict Lip Gloss 043 that looks red, but is actually just pink-ish nude and gives just a balmy gloss. Be sure to use it lightly so it doesn’t look too overdone, it should look natural and dewy. Plus its brush is velvety and smooth. I lurve it. Say with me, lurve. Lurve. (What am I doing?)


And finally, just dust off a very subtle blush on your cheeks. I use it with a blush brush, below my cheekbones in big circles going up to the sides of my eyes. This makes cheekbones look high and gives the face a definition.

Use this look for a lunch date/ barbecue party/ brunch/ polo matches or whatever other fancy fun day events you beautiful divas want to go to!!!



I’m wearing:
Blue Cocktail Dress: Forever New
Gold Strappy Heels: Stilettos, New Delhi
Blue Statement Necklace: Bought from a local store, Venice
Gold-plated Earrings: Isis, Singapore

Other Beauty Products Used:
Concealer: M.A.C. Pro Longwear NW35
Eye Shadow Base: M.A.C.
Eye Shadow: Diamond Glow 02 Wide Pink Maybelline New York
Lip Balm: Baby Lips Maybelline New York
Mascara: Volum Express Maybelline New York
Blush: L’Oreal True Match

Photo Credits: Jolly Photography Studio

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