Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trend Analysis: #SlubAnalytics

Wanna know about all the styles and trends spotted in SS18 fashion weeks? Here’s our part 1 of 2018 fashion trend analysis – designer by designer!

2018 Fashion Trend Analysis fashion-trends-spring-summer-2018-rtw-style-tee-shirt-dress-dior-fendi-marc-jacobsSpring 2018 Fashion Trend Analysis

Alberta Ferretti

  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Cape gown, front slit
  3. Crochet maxi dress, one shoulder
  4. Asymmetric sweater with hoodie, fringed hemline, sheer nude dress
  5. Sheer maxi dress
  6. Layered maxi dress, belted
  7. Feather mini dress
  8. Metallic matching set
  9. Metallic mini dress, embellished
  10. Text sweater, metallic jacket and shorts
  11. Metallic trousers, knotted shirt

Alexander Wang

  1. High waist trousers, crop top, metallic
  2. Leather mini skirt, overskirt
  3. Leather top with slit, cropped jacket, extra long sleeves, metallic trousers
  4. Pantsuit, half sleeved jacket
  5. Sleeveless jacket
  6. Cropped leather pants, mixed media pants, button up shirt worn under slip top
  7. Two tone trousers, one shoulder sweater
  8. Ripped, boyfriend jeans
  9. Leather top, lace midi skirt
  10. One shoulder dress

Alice + Olivia

  1. Slit gown, one shoulder top, layered crop top
  2. Floral print, matching set
  3. Bold leaf motif maxi dress, belted
  4. Asymmetric jacket, patterned dress
  5. Pencil skirt with front slit
  6. Patterned maxi dress, embroidered cropped jeans, text tee shirt, long denim jacket, cold shoulders, floral print top
  7. Pantsuit, one shoulder mini dress
  8. Feather skirt
  9. Maxi skirt, peplum top
  10. Pleated midi skirt, striped


  1. Sheer mesh dress, belted, fur trimmings, slip dress
  2. Cropped sweater, sheer midi skirt, mesh, belted
  3. Suede jacket, double breasted, asymmetric skirt
  4. Fur trimming jacket, asymmetric dress with slit
  5. Metallic jacket, fur collar
  6. Leather jacket
  7. Layered peplum top
  8. Extra long sleeves, belted jacket
  9. Metallic dress with slit, fringed hemline, cropped cape

Badgley Mischka

  1. Dress with pant, knot detail
  2. Asymmetric maxi dress, floral print
  3. Belted mini dress, ruffled sleeves
  4. Button up shirt, skirt with slit, belted
  5. Floral appliqué dress
  6. Cocktail dress with feather detail
  7. Ruffled top gown
  8. Sheer cape top
  9. Silver metallic gown, full sleeved


  1. Patent leather jumpsuit with chain link, pockets, button up shirt, cold shoulders
  2. Sheer coat, graphic print
  3. Sheer skirt
  4. Peplum top, ruffled, layered, cropped patent leather pant, puffy shoulder
  5. Layered hemline, leather skirt with ruffled detail, logo tee shirt
  6. Shoulder pads, metallic mini dress, graphic print, striped long coat
  7. Fringed knitted wool skirt, jacket, embellished top
  8. Patent leather, loose trousers, striped tank top
  9. Crop top, cold shoulders, fringed hemline trousers
  10. Metallic, extra long top, fringed shorts
  11. One sleeved dress, belted
  12. Pantsuit, matching set, striped, metallic

Carolina Herrera

  1. One shoulder dress
  2. Button up shirt, plunging V-neckline, pencil skirt, puffed sleeves
  3. Striped peplum top
  4. High waist jeans
  5. Metallic midi dress
  6. One sleeved gown
  7. Belted tulle skirt


  1. Fringed crop top, tweed jacket
  2. Fringed skirt
  3. Leather coat
  4. Fringed sweater, layered skirt
  5. Sheer maxi dress
  6. Sheer dress, poofy sleeves
  7. Asymmetric top and skirt, matching set
  8. One shoulder top
  9. Mini skirt with pockets
  10. Dress with pants, fringes, matching set


  1. Cropped jeans, turtleneck
  2. Brown leather jacket, layered dress, patterned, art print
  3. Asymmetric long top
  4. Button up shirt, extra long sleeves, animal print mini skirt

Christian Siriano

  1. Crop top with cut outs, cropped trousers, floral motifs, matching set, poofy sleeves, bell sleeves
  2. One shoulder midi dress, front slit
  3. One sleeved dress with choker
  4. Maxi sheer dress with pockets
  5. Front slit slip dress
  6. High waist sheer trousers, matching set, long coat, poofy sleeves, crop top
  7. Appliqué gown

Christopher Kane

  1. Sheer midi dress, embellished, floral print
  2. Ruffled dress, asymmetric
  3. Fringed top, turtleneck, asymmetric skirt, inverted V skirt, ruffles
  4. Extra long sleeves, feather details, sheer midi dress, knitted sweater dress
  5. Patent leather cropped jacket, lace details, sheer skirt
  6. Metallic sweater, cut outs, extra long sleeves


  1. Metallic jacket and skirt, graphic print tee shirt, sequin metallic skirt on skirt
  2. Slip dress worn over sheer tee shirt
  3. Extra long sweater with pockets
  4. Trouser with side stripes
  5. Matching denim set, patchwork skirt
  6. Patchwork bomber jacket, high waist flared jeans
  7. Sleeveless metallic jacket, cropped patchwork jeans


  1. Metallic tee shirt dress with cut outs
  2. Graphic print tee shirt dress
  3. Sheer top, patchwork midi skirt
  4. Striped sheer maxi dress
  5. Striped top, text tee shirt, high waist jeans, two tone
  6. Metallic sequin mini dress
  7. Patchwork leather jacket, sheer pleated skirt
  8. Metallic skirt, laser cut

Dolce & Gabbana

  1. Sheer slip midi dress
  2. Sheer skirt, double breasted bar jacket, sheer sleeves
  3. Peplum top, corset
  4. Pantsuit
  5. Embellished jacket, half sleeved
  6. Metallic mini dress
  7. Asymmetric jacket, embellished
  8. Embellished mini dress, sheer full sleeved
  9. Bell sleeves, fish motif A-line midi dress, double jacket
  10. Shoulder pads, metallic jacket
  11. Metallic mini dress

Dries Van Noten

  1. Sheer slip dress, fringes
  2. Embellished jacket, cropped sleeves, sheer skirt
  3. Patterned button up shirt, folded hem jeans, embellished collar
  4. One shoulder sweater
  5. Extra long sleeves, patterned button up shirt, skirt with pockets
  6. Patterned pantsuit
  7. Waist cape, floral print dress
  8. Embellished midi dress, sheer poncho
  9. Sheer skirt and top, embellished bomber jacket

Elie Saab

  1. Belted patterned dress with double slit, slit sleeves
  2. Fringed skirt, button up shirt
  3. Snakeskin pattern matching set, half sleeved long coat
  4. Fringed top, sheer sleeves, mini skirt with slits
  5. Fringed skirt, text tee shirt, half sleeved jacket
  6. Monochrome, asymmetric skirt
  7. Double breasted belted midi dress with slit
  8. Patchwork leather mini skirt, text tee shirt
  9. Sheer gown with pockets, belted
  10. Sheer matching set, cropped trousers
  11. Kaftan dress
  12. Sheer jumpsuit, belted
  13. Sheer bomber jacket
  14. Embellished gown
  15. Embellished top with cape

Emporio Armani

  1. Striped pantsuit, double breasted, loose pants
  2. Sheer jacket, leather shorts
  3. Graphic print, extra long tee shirt, patterned pant, cropped trousers
  4. Graphic print leather jacket
  5. Graphic art sweater, sheer skirt
  6. Graphic print dress, bell sleeves, dress on sheer top
  7. Asymmetric skirt
  8. Checkered jacket, folded hem trousers, sheer top
  9. Double breasted jacket
  10. Long jacket, plaid
  11. Patterned pant, cropped leather jacket
  12. Logo tee shirt, metallic trousers
  13. Sequined jacket, jogger pant, athleisure
  14. Sheer top, ruffled
  15. Baggy trousers
  16. Bell sleeves
  17. One shoulder top
  18. One shoulder mini dress


  1. Peplum jacket, matching set, cut outs, oversized flappy collars, men’s inspired fabric
  2. Sheer top, A-line midi skirt
  3. Leather pencil skirt, cold shoulders
  4. Leather coat with cold shoulders, belted
  5. Logo jacket, leather midi skirt, mixed media, bomber jacket
  6. Off-the-shoulder jacket, peplum
  7. Denim dress, cold shoulders
  8. Poncho, striped mini dress
  9. One shoulder dress with slit
  10. Floral print midi dress, belted, attached cropped cape

Giorgio Armani

  1. Sheer pantsuit
  2. Floral print coat, cropped trousers
  3. Graphic print dress, metallic coat
  4. Graphic art print jacket, metallic skirt
  5. Sheer button up shirt
  6. Ruffled belted top paired with pleated mini skirt
  7. Pleated mini dress
  8. Floral print mini dress
  9. Double breasted jacket, floral print
  10. Graphic print slip dress with pockets
  11. Patchwork dress with pockets
  12. Peplum top
  13. Half sleeved jacket, ruffled mini dress
  14. Half sleeved metallic tee shirt, cropped trousers, striped
  15. Floral print jacket, patterned trousers
  16. One shoulder, pleated mini dress


  1. One shoulder dress, layered
  2. Shoulder pads, double breasted, asymmetric skirt
  3. Matching denim skirt set
  4. Sleeveless button up shirt, straight cut cropped jeans, front slit
  5. Exaggerated shoulders, patterned mini dress
  6. Leather jacket with oversized pockets
  7. One shoulder layered dress
  8. Red leather pant with slits, button up shirt, poofy sleeves
  9. Belted leather coat
  10. Striped matching set
  11. Leather mini skirt with pockets, striped sweatshirt, mini skirt with slit
  12. Sheer top
  13. Bell sleeves, cut out dress, dress on sheer crop top
  14. Sheer top gown
  15. Mini dress with pockets, belted, geometric neckline
  16. One sleeved mini dress, ruffled
  17. Asymmetric dress with slashed asymmetric hemline


  1. Shoulder pads, extra long jacket, pencil skirt, button up shirt
  2. Bell sleeves, metallic dress
  3. Logo tee shirt, belted
  4. Cropped flared trousers
  5. Metallic two tone top, pleated asymmetric skirt
  6. Patchwork printed leather dress
  7. Printed skirt, shoulder pads
  8. Extra long sleeves
  9. Extra long cardigan
  10. Matching set, high waist loose trousers, poofy sleeves
  11. Pantsuit
  12. Embellished bomber jacket, skirt on skirt
  13. Metallic cropped jacket with fur sleeves, mixed media
  14. Velvet trousers, graphic print jacket
  15. Text bomber jacket, floral print maxi dress
  16. Athleisure, embellished jacket
  17. Pleated maxi dress
  18. One shoulder sheer pleated dress


  1. Double breasted jacket, pantsuit
  2. High waist trousers, button up shirt, poofy sleeves, loose trousers
  3. Plaid jacket, asymmetric top

Isabel Marant

  1. Matching set, cropped trousers, poofy sleeves
  2. Lace mini dress
  3. One shoulder ruffled dress
  4. Leather mini skirt with pockets, poofy sleeves
  5. Leather pant, cut out top
  6. Metallic trousers, high waist, slip top
  7. One sleeved top
  8. Athleisure
  9. Off-the-shoulder mini dress
  10. Poncho top
  11. One sleeved leather dress
  12. One shoulder top, studded trousers

Louis Vuitton

  1. Embroidered asymmetric jacket
  2. Pantsuit, monochrome, sleeveless coat, belted
  3. Sleeveless leather dress
  4. Metallic jacket
  5. Brocade sleeveless jacket, extra long sleeves, folded hem leather pant
  6. Extra long sleeves, striped dress, turtleneck
  7. Metallic trousers
  8. Metallic dress worn over a striped shirt
  9. Floral print maxi dress, cold shoulders
  10. Black maxi dress with double slit
  11. Graphic print tee shirt worn over a top, poofy sleeves
  12. Metallic patchwork dress with fringed hemline
  13. Embellished leather jacket
  14. Metallic trousers, leather button up shirt

Maison Margiela

  1. Belted cut out dress
  2. Fringed mini dress
  3. Pleated belted coat
  4. Pleated metallic dress, bell sleeves
  5. Peplum jacket, sheer skirt
  6. Metallic jacket, striped tee shirt dress, fringes, sheer

Marc Jacobs

  1. Pantsuit, extra long sleeves, loose trousers
  2. Slouchy sweater, button up shirt, turtleneck
  3. Floral print, one shoulder, belted maxi dress
  4. Jumpsuit, matching hoodie jacket
  5. Oversized jacket with zippers, floral trousers, matching set, cropped
  6. Sheer top, floral print trousers
  7. Plaid matching set
  8. Half sleeved coat, floral appliqué, loose trousers
  9. One sleeved dress with pants
  10. Floral appliqué, belted gown, fringes
  11. Beaded top, trousers with side stripes, sheer

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