Spring 2018 Dress Trends That We’re Dying to Try!

Wanna know the latest 2018 dress trends to update your closet? Here’s the top 10 dress styles from Spring Summer 2018 collections!

dress-trends-spring-summer-2018-ss18-dior-coat-dresses-ralph-russoHey gorgeous! Whether it’s for casual outings or night parties, dresses are the most basic wardrobe staples. Dresses are a perfect choice both for the chilly winters and scorching summer heat! The must have in a girl’s wardrobe, dresses are evolving like always for Spring 2018.

Like every season, we went through the collections of 50+ designers and watching 100+ fashion shows. And then we analyzed the upcoming dress trends with SlubAnalytics to shortlist 20+ trends. My dreams were filled with me analyzing whether shoulder pads or slip dresses are going to make it to the top 10 list. Ok, I’m not gonna give away much here but read on to know more about the Spring 2018 dress trends!

Latest 2018 Dress Trends

We saw a few trendy dress styles that are still in from last season. And we spotted some totally fresh styles. We finally handpicked and rounded off the top 10 latest 2018 dress trends! Check them out!

1. Slouchy Dresses

Slouchy dresses are on the runway! Really?! Designers are setting a whole new trend by opting for this unconventional style this season. They are actually saying it’s ok to wear slouchy dresses! These dresses aren’t too loose to be oversized but just an extra inch so the dress isn’t really well-fitted. Personally, I love loose clothing and this trend is definitely a must-try for the millennial women!

2. Dress on Dress

So, wearing a dress over a dress is the trend! And this weird trend is in the top 5 (what)! But this new style is a great way to wear the sheer dresses like the look by Altuzarra. Also, check out the fur trimmings on the sleeves. Go for contrasting fabrics and colors, to pair your existing dresses, or just buy a layered dress that gives a double-look.

3. Half Bell Sleeves

Full bell sleeves are passé! Welcome the new half bell sleeves in latest dress styles. The sleeves were elbow length and they looked super trendy. Perfect for parties or casual outings, these half bell sleeved dresses are gonna turn heads around! From metallic to printed to embellished dresses, these sleeves rocked the runway collections!

4. Coat Dresses

Coat inspired dresses are so cool! Designers are getting creative here. From sleeveless to double breasted to metallic ones, they were all super hot! But what should I wear over a coat dress when I’m outside? Another real coat?! *rolls eyes*

5. Sleeve Cut Outs

We’ve seen slit sleeves in the past seasons but sleeve cut outs are a cool new addition to Spring 2018 dress trends. This style is good for office wear, unlike the off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder! We saw subtle and big cut outs in the sleeves. I loved the metallic one sleeved (yes, metallics are still in) dress with subtle cut out by Prabal Gurung!

6. Men’s-Inspired Shirt Dresses

Shirt-dress lovers are gonna love this trend. Designers are making a case for men’s-inspired clothing this season in latest dress styles. From menswear fabrics to silhouettes, these shirts don’t look gender-specific. Just like boyfriend shoes that we saw last season, we’re happy to welcome these shirt dresses. Personally, I’m not a fan of the traditional shirt dresses that are worn with belts. And that’s why I’m loving this trend. With these slouchy men’s-inspired ones I don’t mind wearing them as I can hide my tummy fat (atleast a teeny tiny bit)!

7. Mesh Sheer Dresses

Sheer dresses are still in! But mesh sheer dresses are making waves in the SS18 runway collections. We saw black large mesh dresses in the collections of Balmain, Christian Siriano, Dolce & Gabbana and more! I loved the double sleeved mesh maxi dress by Balmain.

8. Zipper Details

Front zippers ain’t only for jackets! Designers came up with this groundbreaking trend for Spring 2018. Surely, they create a statement, especially as party wear. Also, I loved the experimentation of zippers in different ways. We saw them in the bottom half and upper half by Balmain, horizontal zipper by Christopher Kane and full zipper dresses by Dior and Tory Burch that gave the jacket look.

9. Narrow Hip Cut Outs

While the designers are not completely done with waist cut outs, narrow hip cut outs are worth a try this season. The cut outs were seen on sides of the dress, almost reaching the hip bone. From subtle to broad ones, they can instantly glam up your look.

10. Shoulder Pads

The 70s shoulder pads are back! You cannot get away with droopy shoulders anymore! From belted mini dresses to embellished maxi dresses to extra long sleeved midi dresses, we saw shoulder pads everywhere in Spring 2018 dress trends!

What’s Still In?

We saw a few trends that are still in from the past few seasons. These trends are still super stylish and designers are making a case for these old trends.

Spring Summer 2018 dress trends that are still in!
  1. Slip dresses are very much in as we saw them in almost all the designer collection in Spring 2018 dress trends. It’s almost like a must have wardrobe staple this season.
  2. Dresses worn over a top and dresses with pants are still rocking the runway collections. So, pair your dresses with tops and pants to keep it warm in spring!
  3. Leather dresses are still in! Ugh, I’m really not interested! But yeah, wear them to parties or nightclubs!
  4. Designers aren’t giving up on sheer dresses. We saw them paired with bodysuits.
  5. Tee shirt dresses, too are ruling the runway collections and we aren’t complaining. Comfort casual clothing always gets an extra point.
  6. Feather dresses are chic! We saw complete feather dresses and in a few looks, we saw feather trimmings.
  7. Poofy sleeves, cold shoulder and one sleeved dresses are still in! Create a statement with your sleeves.
  8. Turtleneck was a big trend in Fall 2017 dress trends and designers are still going for this trend!

Whats Out?

Here are the NO-NOs! Throw them out!

dress-trends-spring-summer-2018-ss18-out-of-fashion 2018 dress trends
Spring Summer 2018 dress trends that are out!
  1. Velvet is so out of fashion this season. Came and went quickly, don’t you think?!
  2. Very high slit dresses are out of fashion. Long trail and cape dresses, too are a complete no this season. I’m glad as designers have considered the wearability here!
  3. Patchwork dresses made a short appearance in past seasons and now vanished completely!
  4. Neck-bows and pussy bows are passé. So are halter necks, cowl necks and round peter pan collars. They look so weird now.
  5. Tiered sleeves are also out. Girls, no more drama with dancing sleeves!

So, these were our top 10 Spring Summer 2018 dress trends. Which new trends are your favorites? Or are you happy with the old dress styles that are still in? What’s your take on the dresses that are out of fashion? Let us know! Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

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