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Hello, my darlings! How are you gorgeous ladies today? I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to old-school grace and charm, and been thinking of writing a few articles on that. So I thought I’d start with a fun, light topic. Things every girl should know. Of course, I can think of 50 things every girl should know. But I won’t make that long a list. Today I’m just gonna write about what pops into my head, and maybe you girls can chime in and say what you feel are the things every girl should know.


And who’s the aforementioned lifestylista? And how’s that related to this article? I just made that word up. Because this article isn’t about things every girl should know love-wise, or health-wise. It’s just about lifestyle. And personality.

Some of these things have an old-school flare about them, which is interesting because they seem all the more charming in this age! It’s not meant to be a rulebook or anything, but merely a conversation or opinion. A guidebook of sorts on being gracious, but also savvy.

Who is a Lifestylista

In my opinion, a lifestylista is someone who celebrates her life, and curates the things that make up her lifestyle with careful consideration. She’s someone who is not just aware of her interests, passions and opinions, but is also proud of them. She’s someone who cares to not just make herself look good, but also her home. She’s someone who fills her life with inspiring people and experiences, so that each moment is worthwhile.

That’s essentially what I want this blog to be about. It is the spirit of #slub (Read more about Shilpa’s Lifestyle Club).

Being charming is a quality that never goes out of fashion. People love you for that! And having a good lifestyle – that makes you love yourself! Here’s 20 things every girl should know – charm and lifestyle related:

20 Things Every Girl Should Know

1. How to have delightful conversation – face-to-face, and not just on Whatsapp or Facebook.


2. How to participate in a conversation about topics other than her profession or personal interest. Such as arts, culture, world events and the likes.


3. How to end a conversation gracefully.


4. How to cheer up her friend when he or she’s sad or crying.


5. How to cheer herself up when she’s sad.


6. How to exchange niceties before launching business talk or asking for favours.


7. How to give her friends or family a personal gift.


8. How to host a charming party.

devil_wears_prada_party_scene_pic_anne_hathaway_assiatant Also check out: House Party FAQs | On Throwing a Fabulously Classy Party that ain’t Boring

9. How to order a good wine at a restaurant – one that suits her palate without breaking the bank.


10. How to dance graciously.


11. The difference between salad fork and dinner fork.


For more info: check out Assorted Forks image from Wiki.

12. At least one signature recipe that only she can make ‘just the best’ – it could be anything – a cocktail, a smoothie, a dessert or starter.


13. How to get through a party without getting drunk and becoming a hot mess.


14. How to walk in heels.


15. How to take a flattering selfie.


Also read my recent article: How to Take a Good Selfie

16. How to keep her nails free of chipped nail polish.


17. How to pack light for a trip if needed.

up_in_the_air_george_clooney_girl_airport_traveling Also read: Perfect Little Black Dress- How to wear from Day to Night | Pack Light for Travel-Part 1

18. A makeup look that takes less than 5 minutes – for those short-notice dates!


Also check out my natural easy makeup look in article: 5 Dior Makeup Products I Love

19. How to enjoy a place without caring about how it would look on her Instagram feed.


20. How to be unapologetic.


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Did you enjoy this little list of things every woman should know? What do you think are the things I missed out?

Plus: Check out my elegant and classy look if you missed it!


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