15 Signs of a Toxic Relationship You Need to Watch Out for

The sooner you recognize signs of a toxic relationship, the better it is. Remember there is no excuse for bad behavior and wanting the best for yourself.

15-signs-youre-in-a-toxic-relationshipEvery relationship needs work. It isn’t always perfect. But it’s when toxicity goes out of control that problem arises. If you are unsure about the signs of a toxic relationship is, or what the cause is, then we believe we have answers here. You should be concerned the minute your partner makes you feel that you are never enough for them, no matter what you’re doing.

How to Recognize the Signs of a Toxic Relationship

If you’re wondering whether you’re in a toxic relationship, look out for some of the red flag signs that we have rounded up below. And if these signs tick off your boxes, then you need to let go ASAP.


1. Your Partner Constantly Criticizes You

One of the signs of a toxic relationship to watch out for is if your partner constantly puts you down. This means they may constantly be picking on you with insulting comments; sometimes without you realizing it. They may keep giving unwanted suggestions on where to improve and criticize too many aspects of who you are. This can impact your self-esteem too, which is not healthy at all.


2. Your Partner Makes You Stop Your Hobbies or Self-Care Time

In a toxic relationship, you start withdrawing from self-care time or hobbies you once had a passion for. Self-care is important for every relationship to keep it healthy. If you start neglecting me-time for a needy partner or put his schedule above yours, it’s a sign the relationship is turning unhealthy.


3. Constantly Bringing up the Past

If someone you’re dating continues with the ‘keeping score’ routine, they will keep bringing up your past. They will constantly try to make you feel bad about your mistakes. This is in no way healthy for a relationship because no one should be punished everyday for prior behavior. A healthy relationship should focus on forgiveness, not punishments.


4. Super Dominating, Controlling, and Jealous Behavior

Ideally, relationships are a union between two equal partners who love and trust each other. If your partner is obsessed with you being near their side always, then it’s a sign of a toxic relationship. A partner who wants to do everything together, constantly keeping a tab, or questioning your whereabouts is indicative of an unhealthy connection.

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controlling-issues-signs of a toxic relationship-bf

5. Hoping for a Changed Behavior

A relationship does not become toxic only because your partner’s behavior is over the top. It can also turn toxic when you stay in denial and start believing things will get better with time. Remember that when you’re in an unhealthy relationship, your judgment may often turn cloudy, thus making your faith stronger that they will change for you.


6. Disapproval by Family and Friends

This is again one of the major red-flag signs of a toxic relationship. But this can be especially tricky and you need to put up your natural instinct to filter out which advice to pay heed to. Perhaps the reactions from close ones will help you see your relationship from a new perspective.


7. Refuses to Consider your Perspective

Constantly arguing with your partner doesn’t mean your relationship is unhealthy, but if your partner is always shutting down when you try to share something that’s disturbing you, then your partner is probably stonewalling. This happens when your partner doesn’t listen or talk about the issue, or worse, walks away. This is not right at all and definitely a sign of toxicity.


8. Feeling Drained

If your relationship drains your energy to the core, that’s a major sign of toxicity. A toxic relationship is said to exhaust us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Remember one needs to work towards a good relationship, however, it shouldn’t feel draining or exhausting. It is important to pay attention to these signs as it is not healthy at all.


9. Doesn’t Bring out the Best in You

If you’ve been a happy, confident, and ambitious babe before you met your partner, nothing should change. But if it does, then you have a problem. If you have started having low-esteem or doubt everything they say, you might want to rethink your relationship.


10. Playing Mind Games

In a healthy relationship, partners are usually consistent with their good behavior. But in a toxic relationship, false promises are often made in the pretext of making up with the other partner; most often after a fight. Mind games can also take up other shapes, like if your partner deliberately tries to make you jealous or hurt. Mind games can be one of the most hurtful signs of a toxic relationship in the long run.


11. Blurred Future

If two people are serious about each other, it doesn’t take time for them to become exclusive or make it official. But in a toxic relationship, the talk never happens. You do not know where you stand with your partner. They will often dodge the big talk, especially around marriage. It’s okay for a partner not to know about the future in the early stages of the relationship, but in a healthy relationship, things are discussed freely and the partners try to progress the relationship forward over time.


12. Losing Touch with Close Ones

Have you stopped spending time with friends and family, either to avoid disagreement with your partner or having to clarify what’s happening in your relationship? This is a clear-cut sign of being in a toxic relationship.


13. Zero Communication

Without communication, there is no solid ground for any relationship. Couples have to be able to voice their opinions and be equally heard in order to make their union work. Otherwise, it is a complete fail. This is why lack of communication is one of the biggest signs of a toxic relationship.


14. Making Excuses for your Partner’s Bad Behavior

If you’re constantly trying to make excuses for their bad behavior like their emotional unavailability, being disrespectful to your close ones, lack of empathy, and being unsupportive of your interests, that’s a problem. Everyone has bad days but if your partner consistently ignores your concerns or is unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes, then you may consider a separation.


15. Borderline Abusive

Abuse is one of the most obvious signs of a toxic relationship. If the person you’re dating go out of their way to hurt you emotionally and physically and make you feel trapped, then that could indicate that you’re in a toxic relationship. If you are being told and made to believe that they are the best thing you’ll ever get or there won’t be anyone else dating you instead of them, then you’re likely dating a toxic person. Also consider seeking professional help so you can regain your confidence and eventually embrace yourself fully.


The longer you stay in an unhealthy relationship, the tougher it can get to come out of it, and start fresh with a person who truly loves and respect you. For your own good, don’t wait to make things worse and walk out.

Can you relate to our roundup of signs of a toxic relationship? If you are in one, talk with your trusted ones and get help. Remember there is nothing above your self-respect. If you wish to share something similar, then you can drop a message in the comments section below or tweet us shilpa1ahuja!

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