Discover the best looks from the designer Pre Fall 2016 collections and check out our list of 15 must-have fashion essentials! They’re sexy and bold!


Hey beautiful! It’s almost time to write about the upcoming fashion weeks. But before that, I wanted to pick out the best looks from Pre Fall 2016 collections and make a list of the Must-Have items! Since you all loved my similar articles, 15 Must Have Fashion Trends for Fall 2015 Winter 2016 and 15 Must-Have Fashion Items for Spring 2016 from LFW, I’ve decided to make these a regular feature. (Or not, depending on whether you continue to love them or not, so do lemme know below!!) Anyhooo, here we go!

Fashion Essentials for Pre Fall 2016

Some of the items I liked from this collections are entirely new, and some are those I’ve already included in the other must-have series articles. (Yes, Must-Haves is a series starting right now!!)

#1: Statement Outerwear

Jackets and coats have taken a new turn this season. From knee-length leather jackets (can we call them leather coats?) to crop capes to patent leather coats to artsy painted fringed leather jackets to embellished statement overcoats, it seems like the best way to make a statement next Fall will be the bold way!

Georgio Armani
Alexander McQueen
Alexander Wang

#2: Athleisure

Athleisure is one of the trendiest things to wear right now! It’s super-stylish and bold. Tracksuits paired with leather jackets, and track pants paired with formal jackets and heels like this light mocha colored outfit by Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger

#3: 2-Piece Dress

Sure it’s a skirt set, but 2-piece dresses are not just short – cocktail dresses and even bridal dresses are jumping onto the 2-piece trend. And it’s sexy!


#4: Lace Tights

Lace tights were seen in Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 fashion show ‘Paris in Rome’ and besides being ultra-sexy and feminine, they’re also bold!


#5: Striped Tights

I’m loving these bold striped tights by Alexander Wang! And loving them even more when paired with a double-slit skirt:

Alexander Wang

#6: The Modern Flared Pants

Recently, I wrote about Flared Pants Trend for Fall Winter 2015-2016. And it seems that this trend is here to stay. I’m pleased to see a modern take on the 70s flared pants: structured and fit at the thighs and lightly boot-covering flared at the bottom.


#7: Flared Culottes (or Cropped Flared Pants)

If flared pants aren’t your thing, and if you wanna rework on culottes this year, try the cropped flared pants. They are all over the Pre-Fall collections!

Ralph Lauren
Christian Dior
Giorgio Armani

#8: Long Gloves

Long gloves were seen in a lot of collections, and my favorites are these from Alexander McQueen which are burgundy and ruched and very unmissable, bold and costume-y!

Alexander McQueen

I also loved these long studded leather gloves by Alexander Wang:

Alexander Wang

#9: Lace Jewelry

Looks fresh and kinky. Even though a tad uncomfy! But we’ll have it anyway! 😛


#10: Tweed

Of course, you’d expect something in tweed from Chanel, but there’s more to tweed this season:

Alexander Wang
Oscar de la Renta

And then of course there’s Chanel tweed:


#11: Platform Sandals & Slip-On Pumps

As someone whose shoe size runs between numbers, I’m the happiest person to see the “backless” shoes. Because pumps and backed shoes are often uncomfy and frankly, how many band-aids can one carry on a business trip? So, let’s all welcome slip-on pumps and sandals!

Oscar de la Renta
Carolina Hererra
Alexander Wang

#12: Sheer Panel Skirts

Sheer skirts are also very trendy. but what I’m loving even more are the sheer and lace panel skirts and dresses like this one by Prabal Gurung:

Prabal Gurung


#13: Slit Dresses & Skirts

The front-slit skirt is #7 on our 15 Must-Have Fashion Items for Spring 2016 list and slit dresses are #11 on our 15 Must Have Fashion Items for Fall Winter 2015-2016 list. But I’m loving them yet again and including them here too! So yeah, front slits, multi-slits and dangerously high slits, all are recommended!!

I especially love this modern, minimalist dress by Burberry with highlighted seams – something we’ve been seeing in men’s fashion trends.

Prabal Gurung

#14: Mixed Prints

We’ve been seeing a lot of mixed prints on the runway and it’s not a new trend. But it’s fun nonetheless. Especially when paired with a print scarf and handbag.

Emilio Pucci

#15: The Cape Jacket

The cape jacket is still in, and is very trendy. In fact, check out Chanel Pre Fall 2016 Collection to see the cropped capes and cape dresses and coats. And here are some more that I’m loving:


So which item did you love the most and which one the least? Lemme know below! 🙂


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