15 Cute Hairstyles to Make at Home During Quarantine

Whether you have long, short, or medium hair, our list of cute hairstyles are easy to try from home. So welcome to your time of good hair days.

cute hairstyles step by step girls

Social distancing has allowed us to catch time with family, reading, trying out new recipes, DIY skincare routines, and watching all the tutorials possible on YouTube. It’s indeed a time to remain present and calm. While we are all coping with this new normal in our own ways, it will also be great to keep ourselves productive as much. If you’re deciding on chopping off your hair or coloring it, I suggest you put the idea on halt for now and instead find ways to style your hair. For this reason, we’ve scoured 15 cute hairstyles you can easily try from home.

Easy-To-Do Cute Hairstyles You Can Try Right Now

Instead of putting up your hair carelessly into a messy bun, try these chic hairdos. We have included photos for each style for the best visual treat.

1. Rope Braids

This is a super cute hairstyle and isn’t half as difficult as it sounds. Rope braids look very chic and we’ve even spotted them on many runways. To make this hairstyle, tie your hair into a ponytail at the middle of the back of your head. Then divide the hair into two sections. Holding each of them tight, twist each  section clockwise, while twisting them around each other anti-clockwise.

I know, it sounds a little complicated, and it definitely is confusing at first. But it’ll all be worth it when you see the end result – a neatly done tight rope braid that’ll make you so happy you achieved it! Plus it gets easier the second time!

cute hairstyles with braids for long hair

2. Waterfall Braids

This hairdo is super polished and professional, making it a great finish for a job interview or to college. Since you may be having some spare time at the moment, why not practice before the big day arrives?

Part your hair from the middle. Take a small part of the hair towards the right and section it into three different parts. Create half an inch of the French braid section for each. Repeat the braiding style, but in its place take a new hairpiece, and drop off the previous one. Grab a new hair section behind that as you work towards the braid closer to your front. Repeat till you reach all the way back and secure it using a bobby pin. Continue on the opposite side.

super easy hairdos for teen gals

3. Low Ponytail

While you are browsing for a cute hairstyle to make at home during quarantine, you obviously want something that is casual, and easy to do, right? This low ponytail with a crossover twist is just the perfect match for you.

Part your hair in the middle. Make two hair sections and pin them at the front. Tie the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. Use a hair spray towards the front sections to tame frizz. Yup, that’s all it takes.

lazy girls hairstyles to copy now

4. Chic Low Bun

Sure, you can whip yourself a super-messy bun. But, why not take it a notch higher and create this modern low version? Use a texturing spray on your hair to add grit. Part hair into three sections, using bobby pins, and a hair tie. Take the middle section of your hair and pull it up into a ponytail. Take all three sections of the hair into a bun. And that’s it; your very own version of cute hairstyles.

easy and cute hairstyles to do at home

5. Space Buns

Looking for a fun and perfect hairdo for a video-call with your friends? We have one for you. Try these space buns. Who knew it was this easy to look cool? Let’s get started.

Comb hair and smoothen it with a serum. Part your hair in the middle. Then secure both sides with an elastic band. Twist or plait hair, depending on what you comfortable in, beginning from root to tip. Secure the section with an elastic band to create a bun. Gently pull off the loose ends. Repeat the same on the other side. Simple enough for everyone to throw together and be as versatile, this style won’t fail you. They will be exactly how you want them.

cute hairstyles for long hair women

6. Hairpins Hairstyle

So, this hairdo is absolutely the best as you can create it on any hair type. All the more, when we talk about hairpins, you know you can create as many cute hairstyles as you want. This is also one of the top cute hairstyles for short hair.

The best way to use the hairpins is to part your hairline from the middle. Use six to ten pins on the front hairline towards the left ear. Or, you can also use two studded hairpins and stack one on each side. You can curl the ends of the hair, or create soft waves with a straightener. Literally create anything you desire!

hairstyle girl simple and cute for college

7. Side Braids

Once you learn how to make the side braids, you won’t look back. Anytime your hair isn’t behaving, just pull this style off, and you’ll be set for the whole day. They’re a great idea for work from home days, or even your FaceTime dates!

Part your hair to the side and pull the other side of the hair parting over your shoulder. Use a brush to sweep the hair into a curvy shape. Use a bobby pin to secure that hair section onto one side. Repeat the same on the other side. Use hairspray onto the hair end. Braid hair and smoothen out each hair section. Secure with a hair tie.

simple and easy hairstyles for girls

8. Wet Look Hairdo

Yes, you can also try a wet look right at home, and why not? With the right hair products (and a squad of professional stylists, JK), you can also have that glam look. Honestly, this is one of my favorite hairdos not only because it is trending, but it has that polished, sleek finish. Below, I have explained how you can create the same.

Start by spritzing water onto the hair. Be aware you want your hair damp, and not wet. Next, run an alcohol-free hair spray or mousse through your hair for definition. Lightly scrunch from the ends until the product is well-distributed. To get that sleek finish, allow your hair to totally dry before you resume the day’s work.

chic and stylish hairdos trending in 2020

9. Simple Up-do for Short Hair

These days, most girls opt for a lob or bob cut. We get this trend of cute hairstyles. But the styling options may get limited or worse-take up extra time. That is why you need to try this simple hairdo. This is also great when your hair greases up. So let’s start.

Create a middle parting. Towards the nape of your neck, gather all your hair on either side into two sections. Then french braid each section messily towards the nape of your neck and secure with a hairpin. Bring in any loose hair and tuck them in within the braid using bobby pins.

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easy summer updo hairstyles for

10. Twist-and-Pin-up

Cute hairstyles like this one here are easy to try from home. This one is a great idea when you want to let your hair down in the summer without using a headband. Who knew giving your hair an upgrade would be so easy? I assure you this won’t fall flat.

Twist an inch of the hair starting from the front. Secure the hair by stacking a bobby pin diagonally on one side. Slide a second pin over the first pin to make X-shape. And you’ll be good to go. Easier than you thought, right?

simple hairstyles to do in 30 seconds

11. Wavy Lob Hairstyle

The beach waves are suitable for all types of hair length including short to medium hair. And you don’t need an expert to create one. Here is how you can replicate the style.

Most girls use a curling iron to get the wavy lob style. But do you know a wand works better? You can use one to twirl the shortest of hair layering. Trust me; you’ll be unstoppable after you master this hairstyle.

easy lob for short to medium hair

12. Reverse Pony and French Twist

Another unique hairdo to make at home is this combination of a low ponytail and a modern French chignon. Believe me, this is simpler than it looks.

To begin, sweep hair into a low ponytail. Pulling towards the nape would be a perfect way to start. Secure it using one hand.  Twist the ponytail to create a thick roll towards the middle of your head. Secure the hair using bobby pins placing each one a half-inch away from the curve of the twist.

cute unique hairdo to try at home

13. Half-Done Loop Hairdo with Headband

This hairstyle is pretty low-key yet modernized enough to bring about an edge. Whether your hair texture is wavy, curly, straight, or kinky, this headband tuck-in look will suit all.

Take the full section of your hair from the back. Tease hair from root to ends to create volume. Pull the hair up into a ponytail towards the nape and secure with a hair tie. Gently pull the top of the ponytail from the hair tie to bring about a messy, half-done loop.

easy hairstyles lazy beginners can copy

14. Cute Bow

Cute hairstyles like a bow style is a wonderful pairing for that party or college look. Since that is not impossible at the moment, you can still choose to wear this unfussy look at home. Here is a step-by-step direction on how to create one.

Pull your hair up towards the crown of your head making sure you flip the ends forward and pull the hair to create a bubble. Secure using clear elastic around the base of the lob to set the style. Section the hair bubble ends from the middle to create the bow. Take the hair ends and pull them towards the back all the way towards the center of the side parting. This will serve as the center parting of the bow. Use several bobby pins to secure the strands from pulling up and set the cute bow hairdo. You are done here. Now slip into that cute loungewear and go!

cute and cool hairstyles for college girls

15. Double Band Braid

Once you learn to create this hairstyle, you’ll be unstoppable. Now, any time you are having a bad hair day, just try a double band braid. This literally can turn into your go-to-party look once the quarantine period is over.

The double band braided hairdo can be created by gathering the hair from the nape and creating a middle parting. Make a simple braid. Secure one end of the hair with a hairband and the second hairband at the nape of the neck. Now, the term double band braids is making sense to you, right? You can also try this hairstyle without the middle part and with a high braid. Very comfy for the summer and super easy to make.


We hope you enjoyed going through our entire list of cute hairstyles as much as we did. Do give this a try at home and tell us your thoughts. If you do create one, then don’t forget to tag us on your selfie on Instagram @shilpaahuja.com. We would love to hear from you.

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