15 Best Pregnancy Apps for an Amazing Motherhood Journey

Wanna feel connected to the little one growing inside you? Here are 15 best pregnancy apps to track & monitor your body along with your baby’s developments!


Hello there! In today’s tech savvy age, everything is in your finger tips, like, quite literally. We need a mobile app for every task in our lives. You can track your sleep, number of steps you have taken, your water intake and there’s an app to keep yourself from over obsessing with these apps! Well, what a world we live in! But there are times when you genuinely need a reminder to track certain things like your periods. Personally, I’m someone who never ever remembers my cycle dates and I always try too hard to track it. Thank god for female friendly apps like Flo or P.Tracker.

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Likewise when you’re pregnant, there are a couple of apps that help you with many tips and to track your pregnancy. There are a couple of menstruation apps that track your pregnancy, too. Also, there are pregnancy and baby care specific apps that help you with your pregnancy, nutrition, health, workouts, what to expect as a new mother and also a community where you can post your queries.

Best Pregnancy Apps

When I was pregnant in 2020, honestly there were a dozen of advices flowing from everyone and everywhere, like literally. I mean there is nothing wrong if someone wants to pass on their knowledge about the most beautiful phase of a woman. But a few times, I used to wonder if I should follow the old grandma tricks or the modern science related recommendations of a new mother. When you counter question your closed ones, a few times it may lead to an awkward situation. And Google literally used to guide me to run to my gynecologist since I may be experiencing something really bad.

Well, you get the point, right?! So, I downloaded a few apps suggested by a few new mothers and the best rated ones on the appstore and playstore. And my life just got better. Of course, if I had any doubts, I would always ask my gynecologist during my monthly visits but when I wasn’t sure of something, these apps came in handy both during pregnancy and postpartum as well.

So, we have rounded off 10 best pregnancy apps that you need to track your pregnancy. Let’s check ’em out!

1. Baby Center

iOS Rating – 4.9

Android Rating – 5

Image Credits: babycenter.com

This is one of the best pregnancy apps that most moms-to-be suggest. Personally I loved this app so much that most of my pregnancy journey was covered with this app. First of all, it shows a weekly progression of the little human inside you. The pictoral representations are simple and easy to understand. It also has 3D renderings of your baby’s developments. The app uses examples like fruits and vegetables to portray the growth of the baby. Along with the pictures, there’s a small write up on the baby’s development each week. I would be super curious with each passing week to check out these developments.

Also, there’s an option to click your bump each week and post it online. You can share it with others or just keep it private. There’s a social network to connect with other expecting moms and a library full of useful articles and links. This app is  also helpful for people who are trying to conceive as it has an ovulation calendar. You can also use this app once the baby is born for a growth tracker and the developments that you can expect in the coming weeks.

Baby Center is considered to be one of the best pregnancy apps as it has short videos, less than a minute, which gives you an insight about delivery processes, prenatal exercises, breastfeeding support and many more. It also has an option of “Is it safe?” for common food and activities. It also includes a kick tracker and a contraction timer in the app. Well. hands down to an all-in-one app that prepares you right from conceiving to raising your little one!

2. What to Expect

iOS Rating – 4.9

Android Rating – 4.8

Image Credits: whattoexpect.com

Now the second app that we recommend is What to Expect. As the name suggests, this app gives an insight of what to expect during your pregnancy and postnatal phase. The best part of this app is the visually appealing and aesthetic interface. It not only provides the information of the baby but compares your baby’s size with cool and nostalgic TV props. A very fun way to track, indeed! It includes 3D rendering of the baby, information of the anatomical developments, common symptoms, changes in your body.

Just like the Baby Center app, it has a social network and also has specific separate groups where you can connect with other moms-to-be who are having babies within the same month. You can connect with international moms-to-be and more features! You can track your ovulation and it also includes due date calendar.

3. Sprout Pregnancy

iOS Rating – 4.7

Android Rating – 4.6

Image Credits: Sprouts.com

Well, we have included Sprout in our list of best pregnancy apps because of the unique feature of 3D video renderings of your womb, which is quite similar to medical imaging. You can toggle and view your baby in different angles. But this app isn’t free. Well, with such a cool feature that is worth highlighting, it’s okay to have to spend a little money.

The app also contains a pregnancy timeline that is elaborated, a library of informational resources and to-do checklists for the moms-to-be. There is also information on the screening tests timeline and a birth plan feature. The only con of this app is that there is no social networking feature like the other top apps. If you’re residing in a remote place then this app is helpful to check about your baby’s growth and with the feature of compelling 3D imaging, you can experience real lifelike interactive movements.

4. Ovia

iOS Rating – 4.9

Android Rating – 4.8

Image Credits: Ovia.com

The Ovia pregnancy app has features like personalized timeline of your baby’s anatomical development, symptoms of your pregnancy, 3D renderings of the baby, safety tools, food and medication. It also has a library of informational articles. Personally, I loved the fact that you can feed all your information in the app and it allows for comprehensive data collection. From fetal movement to nutrition to your workout, everything can be viewed in graphs. I love to see my progress visually and graphs are easy to grasp and track. If you’re someone who loves data visualization, then this app is for you!

You can track your pregnancy milestones and there are also illustrations of your baby’s current hand and foot size. You can even connect with other moms-to-be.

5. Baby2Body

iOS Rating – 4.7

Image Credits: baby2body.com

Well, Baby2Body is more about mommy fitness. Imagine your fitness level dropping or you’re confused about what kind of workouts to be done (of course after getting a go ahead from your gynecologist) during your pregnancy and postpartum. So, this app has covered everything! It will be your fitness and wellness coach, which helps you with your nutrition, workouts, meditation and more. There are videos and podcasts that are tailored according to your nutrition and fitness goals. Pregnancy workouts don’t have to be too overwhelming. You can stay fit and healthy with a good workout during your pregnancy and even after popping the baby out.

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6. Pregnancy App

iOS Rating – 4.9

Android Rating – 4.9

Pregnancy app is one of the most common and loved apps. It’s very simple to use and it tracks your baby’s anatomical growth week-by-week. It also has numerous tips for the changes your body is going through. It also has a weight tracker to keep your health in check. You can log in your notes in the pregnancy journal for a more personal feel. It includes due date calendar, kick counter and more.

7. Peanut

Image Credits: peanut.com

Pregnancy isn’t an easy journey. And postpartum is the next level to test your patience. Lol! I’m not scaring you with these statements. As beautiful as the journey is, there will be down moments that you can’t quite explain to anyone. This includes your partner as well. There are times you may feel low or go through anxious moments or feel stressful. That’s why Peanut has created a unique community app to get connected with other moms-to-be and moms who want to connect with each other in same geographical area.

It’s a great app for when you want to discuss things, make new friends and there are even small video chats every week on many topics. You can host yourself or be a part of the group. The best feature is getting connected to moms near your place. I have made quite a few friends through the app and I really recommend it.

8. 280 Days

iOS Rating – 4.2

Android Rating – 4.2

We have an interesting app in our list of the best pregnancy apps – 280 Days. As the name suggests, it is the number of days of your pregnancy journey. I love maintaining journals and I started keeping one the moment I got to know about the good news. But I was not quite consistent with it and my notes were all over the place. I had my diary, my pregnancy apps, my ipad, my notes app on my mobile, ugh! And now I have no time to put everything together and re-cherish. Of course, I keep going through them once in a while here and there. But I wish I had everything in one place like a book, perhaps.

I think the gods have heard my cry and here’s an app that allows you to journal your journey throughout you pregnancy and allows you to convert it into a book. Yes, you heard it right. You can buy the book at the end. Maybe next time, I can do this 😉 It also includes other features like tracking your baby’s growth, your body changes, weight gain and your doctor’s appointments.

9. WebMD Pregnancy

iOS Rating – 4.7

Image Credits: appstore.com

Yes, the website that shows up for all your health symptoms on Google has its own pregnancy tracker, too! It’s quite comprehensive with its interface. From symptoms tracker to kick counter to appointment organizer, this app has it all. There are also articles that show up based on the stage of pregnancy you’re in. It also has a feature where there are articles on the kind of questions you need to ask during your doctor’s visit.

The in-depth visuals of your baby in the womb can be accessed via 3D rendering and it is more detailed compared to other top apps. It is a great app if you’ve been a fan of WebMD and the features are good enough. I wish they had included a community networking feature, too, then this app would have made to the top in our list of best pregnancy apps.

10. My Pregnancy

iOS Rating – 4.8

Android Rating – 4.6

This app is simple with a clean and clutter free interface. It doesn’t go overboard with information and doesn’t provide out-of-the-box articles like baby’s name ideas or a guess the gender games. It has weekly analysis of the growth of your baby and your body and some useful tips. There is also a weight tracker and a kick counter. However, there are no features like 3D rendering or a social networking. If you want an app that just helps you provide the information on what to expect in the coming days of your pregnancy journey, then this app is appropriate for you.

11. Hello Belly

Image Credits: playstore.com

This is one of the cutest apps that you must download if you’re pregnant. Unlike other apps, this app doesn’t bombard you with heavy medical advices and bore you. It is more about lifestyle management for moms-to-be. There’s daily reminders with cute illustrations about nutrition, water intake, fitness and more. And there’s prenatal yoga videos, meditation and mental and emotional wellness information. There’s a 3D view of the baby on your home screen of the app that tilts with your screen, which is fascinating!

12. Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump

iOS Rating – 4.1

Android Rating – 4.3

Image Credits: playstore.com

The Baby Bump app is quite similar to other pregnancy apps with features like personalized timeline, baby’s growth chart, baby’s size comparison to an object, 3D renderings of your baby and articles on almost everything from trying to conceive to parenthood. One of the best features of this app is the checklist it gives you as you progress through your pregnancy. The checklist includes things like buying a maternity bra, planning your maternity leave during a specific week through your pregnancy and many more tasks.

The checklist planner syncs with your calendar and makes your life easier and helps you with your appointments and checklists. There are also in-app coupons and discounts for baby retailers from the app’s partners. With so many cool features, this app is for sure one of the best pregnancy apps.

13. Pregnancy+

iOS Rating – 4.8

Android Rating – 4.8

Image Credits: playstore.com

Okay, next on our list of best pregnancy apps we have Pregnancy+ and just as the name suggests, it has additional features compared to other apps. It provides day-to-day updates about your baby in the womb. There is also 3D rendering feature with a clear and informative images. It almost looks like your baby’s selfies 😉 This is the closest you can get a look of your baby before delivery.

It has other features like kick counter, contraction timer, a shopping list of the things you may need during your pregnancy and may more.

14. Glow Nurture

iOS Rating – 4.7

Android Rating – 4.4

Image Credits: playstore.com

Glow Nurture app’s features are quite similar to other best pregnancy apps. You can also link your account with your partner’s and track the pregnancy journey together. You can also sync it with Apple Health app and integrate the data. This app also provides postpartum and miscarriage support.

15. Pregnancy App Preglife

iOS Rating – 4.9

Android Rating – 4.5

Image Credits: preglife.com

This app, too, has all the features just like other best pregnancy apps and it is a great option for expectants who want to share their journey with their partners. There’s a “partner” button, which you can click and provides useful information and to-dos.

So, these were our top recommendations of best pregnancy apps! Are you using any of these apps? Do you wanna add more to our list? Let us know by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja and share your pregnancy and motherhood journey by posting a picture and tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram!

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