11 Latest Men’s Haircut and Style Trends for 2015

From side shaved to the popular David Beckham inspired diagonal combed, the latest men’s haircut trends are very varied this year. So we explore the best and latest men’s haircut trends for 2015 for all hair lengths! Plus: ideas for styling the latest men’s haircuts for all hair types, hair lengths and face-cuts!


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #1: Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut has been going strong this year. It is very popular, and we see lots of celebrities sporting it. It is very short, with even shorter sides. Easy to maintain and comfortable for the summer heat, this style looks best on straight to wavy hair.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #2: Undercut

Undercut is the style with cropped or short sides and back, but longer at the top. It’s like the slightly longer cousin of Caesar cut. This haircut makes you look taller and thinner (and younger!), easy to maintain and works for all types of hair: straight, wavy and curly. It looks good with a side part or without a parting as well. It looks best on round face cuts, but also works as well on angular.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #3: Diagonal Top with Short Sides

Another variation of the undercut, this style has uneven line at the forehead, leaning diagonally towards one side. It practically needs no styling, just regular trimming to keep the lines crisp. It is also good for guys who like the fringe but like it short and easy. Works best for thin straight hair, but you can achieve this with curly hair too.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #4 Diagonal Combover Style

This polished David Beckham inspired haircut is a modern variation of the classic peppy style. Very little maintenance required – just a comb or brush up with a little product and you’re good to go. Works best on straight hair with most face types.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #5: Slick with Side Part

Another haircut that makes you look polished and classy. Was seen on the Spring Summer 2015 runway collections too. This cut looks good on both curly and straight hair. Works well with longer or angular face types.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #6: Low Side-Part with Shaved Sides

The side-parted hair is very in, especially when the part is lower than usual, and shaved at the sides. Also works well if your sides are shorter but not shaved. It’s good for men who want easy to style hair that looks trendy but not too much of a fashion statement. Works well on medium length hair, both straight and wavy.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #7: Side Patterns

Punk-inspired and chequered patterns are also in for the cropped sides. “Be creative and try something different for your sides to create a pattern,” says Badal Kumar of Headmasters, Panchkula. Works best with short hair.

Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #8: Messy

The thing with messy is that it needs everyday styling to make it look like it wasn’t styled at all. But it does look hot and is very in. Works best for wavy hair, long or short. Let the waves be tousled and uneven looking. Works for all face types, and helps to give dimension to square face cuts.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #9: Tousled Wavy

This is a less-messier version of the “messy” style. It can be done with both medium-long to long hair, and with straight or wavy hair.

Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #10: Angular Touseled Bangs or Fringes

This style was widely seen on the runway for Spring/Summer as well as Fall/Winter collections, especially with unevenly cut bangs. This haircut can be achieved with bangs that fall below the eyebrows in some places. Alternatively, you can side sweep your bangs to make them fall just above your eyebrows. Works best for thin to medium straight hair.


Latest Men’s Haircut Trend #11: Long Upstyled Tops

Just in, this style is a variation of the David Beckham sideswept haircut, but with longer fringes that are teased to go up diagonally. Works well with thick straight to wavy hair.

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