11 Fringe Hair Cuts & Styles to Try That’ll Give You a Makeover!

Get an instant style statement with fringe hair. From unevenly cut fringe hair to elongated fringe locks, check out the 11 fringe haircuts and style!

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Hey beautiful! I know we woman are excited when it comes to pampering our hair. Be it chopping the hair or styling it in a unique way, we love to play with the locks. And the haircut, which is currently super trendy both on celebrities and runways is the fringe cut. Also, the fringe hairstyle is the #6 trend in the FW18 hair trends and is also one of the coolest styles for 2018. Be it any length of hair, the fringe cut will not disappoint you! If you already have a fringe cut, then you can refresh it with many styles.

Depending on the length, style and shape of the face, fringe haircuts vary! Let’s take a look at different types of fringes!

1. Evenly Cut Fringe Hair


Evenly cut fringes are a classic fringe hairstyle and it also reminds me of my childhood. This was the haircut in which most of my childhood passed! Two ponytails and evenly cut fringes were my go-to style back then. I’m glad that this cut with variations is trendy now! Layered hair with fringes at the front is trending both on runways and celebrities. Even Kylie Jenner rocked this style last year.

fringe-hair-latest-hairstyles-instant-makeover-evenly-cut-fringes2. Unevenly Cut Fringe Hair

While evenly cut fringes being so old school, unevenly chopped fringes took over the fringe hairstyle trend. Ask your stylist to randomly cut the front hair so that it looks more natural. If you’re not comfortable with the fringes on the forehead, you can sweep them back and pin them. We saw this style on Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

celebrity-fringe-style-hair-hairstyle-makeover-unevenly-cut-fringe-hair3. Blunt Fringe

If you don’t want the hair to look slick in the front, then pick the rollers and blow dry them to get that blunt fringe look or fringe bangs. Seen on the Spring Summer 2018 runway collection of Chloe, this style is sure gonna be ruling the fringe hair trend.

fringe-hair-latest-hairstyles-2018-chloe-ss18-blubt-fringe-style4. Eyebrow Length Fringe

This year we’re seeing the eyebrow length fringe style both on and off the runways. Fringes almost covering half of the eye are quite trendy. Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian are loving this trend.

celebrity-fringe-hair-latest-celebrities-hairstyle-kim-kardashian-kendall-jenner5. Side Swept Fringe

Fringes not only give you a statement makeover but also help us define the face shape and look. While straight fringes make your face look small, side-swept fringes give an illusion of a long face.

side-swept-fringes-latest-fringe-hairstyle-2018-celebrity-runway-style6. Pixie with an Edgy Cut

No matter what the length of hair, the fringe haircut does wonders! Messy pixie style with fringes and a pixie with elongated fringes are a few trendy styles to try if you have a pixie cut. I’m loving the runway pixie cut by Dolce & Gabbana in SS18 collection.

pixie-with-edgy-cut-latest-fringe-hairstyles-2018-kylie-jennerHow to Style Fringe Hair

Fringe hair is relatively low maintenance and can also be styled in different ways. Pushing the fringe hair away from the eyes every day may be a bit annoying and hence you can try out different ways of styling them. Here are a few ideas to style the fringe hair:


1. You can center part the hair, twist the fringes to the sides and fix them by using bobby pins. By this way, you don’t always need to keep adjusting your fringes. It’s also good for an instant makeover.

2. Get the super cool look by tying a half top knot with the fringes and let the rest of the hair down. So good for a casual look!

3. One of the quickest ways to style them is, side sweep your hair and secure them with a clip or pin. Accessorize with a band or embellished hair clip.

Whether you grow fringe style hair for a makeover or for forehead covering, the fringe hairstyle is versatile!

How to Color Fringe Hair

Coloring fringe hair may be tricky. You can go for a lighter shade on the fringes to make them pop. Also, you can try under lights in which the color will be visible when you style the fringes. Or try ombre highlights on the tips of your fringes in trendy hair color ideas like teal, purple or rose pink. You can also merge your balayage with fringes if you have short hair.

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Hope you liked our guide to the fringe hair! Which one will you get it done at your next hair appointment or which one are you already styling? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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