100 Years of Fashion – Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline


With the release of the new Hollywood film, The Age of Adaline, I thought I’d take a look at her different outfits in the movie. Which are plenty by the way. The Age of Adaline, stars Blake Lively. of Gossip Girl fame. She is always in the news for her great sense of style, and so it’s only fitting that fashion is an important part of her role in this movie -The Age of Adaline.

Let’s start with a little synopsis if you haven’t already seen the trailer. The Age of Adaline is about a young woman who is in a tragic accident. Her miraculous survival comes at a cost – that she will never age again. It sounds like a blessing, but she realizes it actually is a curse.  People around her age, including her daughter. But Adaline doesn’t.

Anyhow, it seems that Adaline has an enviable wardrobe with exquisite vintage pieces that she collected throughout the century. And you are sort of left to guess the decade just by seeing her outfits, hem-lines, makeup and hair. Blake Lively said about the film in an interview with Vogue UK, “The fashion is amazing, and my character gets to experience all of the different time periods and tell the story through fashion. It’s not a movie about fashion, but it’s an integral part of who she is and the whole story.” Of course, what goes around comes around. So her vintage pieces keep finding use in her modern day outfits.

So that makes the movie sort of an ode to a century of fashion. Also, we see lots of Gucci in the movie, (also, Dior) provided Blake is a brand ambassador of the fashion house. Let’s take a look:

The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1920’s:

Young Adaline with a vintage wool cloche hat, curly hair, frilly blouse and very pink blush. This blush was probably the only option in the 1920’s make-up department.


The outfit with this girly off-white right-below-the-knee skirt is adorable. Also check out her handbag.


The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1930’s:

Adaline is seen with red matte lips, short curly hair again. She wears a conservative wedding gown with embroidered lace at the neckline.



At the christening of her daughter, she wears a lovely white hat with print blouse and what looks like a white midi-skirt.


Here’s the much-talked about red velvet party gown that she wears in this pic. It is indeed a vintage piece that one may as well wear, well, last year.


The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1940’s:

The 40’s bring sophisticated lady-like looks. Adaline is wearing mini-pearls, silk blouse and coral-red lips.


Judging by the short curly hair, I suppose it’s 1940’s or so. She wears a grey sweater with black pants. Although she may as well use these skinny pants in the modern day.


The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1950’s:

She sports scarlet-red lips in 1950’s with thin eye liner while being pulled over by a cop for probably, having too huge a wardrobe. It must be illegal. And must be donated. To us.


And here she rocks a trench coat paired with a grey silk scarf.


The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1960’s:

Hair straightened and cut with blunt bangs that go down to her eyebrows, Adaline here looks cute with a dark blue wool jacket and a matching head band. She wears Brigitte Bardot style winged eye liner with pink lipstick and a printed silk scarf. Many, many wigs were used in this movie.




The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1970’s:

Bangs all grown out and looped into an up-the-head side braid, Adaline manages to look conservatively chic in this outfit.


Love this mocha jacket that she has paired with an olive green skirt and high-neck Guccisweater striped in turquoise and grey. Check out her natural-looking lips. Plus the really cool washed-out-paint-inspired purse.

blake_lively_age_of_adaline_vintage_fashion_look_style_1972_retro_old_movie_hollywood_100_years_wavy_hair_brown_jacket blake_lively_age_of_adaline_vintage_fashion_look_style_1972_retro_old_movie_hollywood_100_years_wavy_hair_brown_jacket_1

The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1980’s:

The 80’s have her with gorgeous pin-up wavy hair. She wears an olive green jacket with charcoal grey high-neck sweater and short gold earrings. Love the makeup, too.


Here’s more of this adorable jacket. She meets her daughter, who looks like her grandma by now, here in this outfit paired with a black pencil skirt.


The Age of Adaline Fashion: 1990’s:

On a sunny day, she likes to sit on the steps of a library to read, whilst looking beautiful in a Gucci printed navy dress and a blue Kate Spade cardigan.



The Age of Adaline Fashion: 2000’s:

The naughties have Adaline wearing a Gucci wool jacket with a matching pencil skirt, black button earrings and a mustard yellow top for having lunch with her daughter. Or is it the 90’s? Oh, it’s getting confusing. Indeed some fashion hasn’t changed so much.




The Age of Adaline Fashion: The 2010’s:

Present day Adaline wears an effortless natural makeup look with slightly wavy hair. (Also this means I lied and The Age of Adaline only showed 90 years of fashion. I’m sorry!)


Here’s yet another Gucci piece- ribbed grey sweater worn with a silk red and grey scarf.


And another one of Adaline’s jackets that I’m totally swooning over. This one’s an embroidered off-white and orange one paired with a mango-orange top that she wears for a date with side-pinned hair and a fish braid.


Also, can we notice that this is a 100-year old woman dating a 30 year old man? A very cute man?


And now she’s trying to up her game before he finds someone younger – by wearing this gorgeous black number and flirtatious smiles!


And let’s not forget the party scene where she wears her old red velvet dress.  The dress is cut-out in the waist with red sequin detail.



And over the dress is an olive green Gucci coat with a fabulous cut. Love it! Also the black leather gloves.


Blake worked with Gucci to create this absolutely glamorous gold Grecian-inspired gown with black shoulder detail that she wears in the final scene of the movie.

The Age of Adaline Gold Dress – Blake Lively gold dress

So, there you go, 100, err, 90 years of fashion with the Age of Adaline. Which decade had your favorite fashion? And if you were Adaline, which outfit from the previous decades would you wear in the present day? Comment below!! 🙂

And here’s the movie trailer:

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  1. Actually, the yellow blouse from the 90s/00s is late 40s, I have the exact same one in soft pink. It’s from the Morlove brand 🙂 .

  2. The shoes! The picture on the steps of the Library where she is wearing beautiful Mary Janes or T-straps?? Does anyone know who made those shoes she wore w the navy cardi and print dress??
    Wasnt the red velvet dress also custom Gucci? Just re watched on TVand that olive coat! So many beautifully tailored pces.


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