10 Things to Love About Chanel Pre Fall 2016 Collection

Discover the Chanel Pre Fall 2016 collection, Paris in Rome. From jewelry to makeup to our favorite dresses, here are the 10 things to fall in love with!

The Best of Chanel Pre Fall 2016 Collection

chanel-pre-fall-2016-fashion-show-look-white-dress-poofy-hair-black-smokey-eye-makeupTitled Paris in Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art show, the Chanel Pre Fall 2016 fasion show took place on December 1st, 2015 at Teatro N°5, Cinecittà Studios, Rome, Italy. I know I may be a bit late to write about this, but I had to do it!

Chanel Pre Fall 2016 collection was a gorgeous, sexy one, yet edgy. And a bit kinky. Season after season, it’s great to see Karl Lagerfeld proffer something fresh and original. Especially something this edgy to be synonymous with a fashion house like Chanel, which a lot of people still think to be ‘traditional’. It’s not easy.

Here are the top ten things we loved about this collection, and the fashion show:

#1: The Romanticism of Paris in Rome

The fashion show was so romantic – with its all black and white backdrop. The runway was built to resemble a Paris metro station, from where the models climbed up the staircase to the ground level and walk onto the streets with ‘un café’ and ‘Boulangerie’ and street lights and street trash cans! As such, the color palette matched – with its greys and blacks and whites, and lace. It’ll forever be in the back of my mind that these are the clothes to wear at night-time.

#2: Lace Tights

But not the usual lace tights. Designer.


#3: Patent Leather Skirts and Coat


#4: Quilted Leather 2 Piece Dress


We’ve been seeing lots of crop top and skirt sets lately. And finally, I’m just gonna start calling them two-piece dresses. Because that’s what they are. They’re designed to be worn together. Sure, they can be worn as separates, but that’s just one of the beauties of it. And I also love how the beaded belt grazes the waist here. And it’s quilted leather. With lace.

#5: Bouffant Hairstyle


Very French, but yet it’s not too poofy. Just an easier, quicker version of the Brigitte Bardot bouffant.

#6: Black Glitter Eye Makeup

We’ve seen the glitter smokey eye on the upper lid, but this is a fresh, more daring version of that.

#7: Jewelry: Lace, Layered (& Sometimes Tangled) Necklaces

The jewelry is one of my favorites about the Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 collection. The pieces included lace chokers, entangled bead chokers, double-ring earrings, layered necklaces, metal cuffs and bracelets worn over long sweater sleeves.

#8: Cropped Cape

The crop capes were the most interesting silhouette in the show. A sweater cape worn over a dress, a tweed cape that was a part of a signature Chanel tweed dress, and a crop-caped patent jacket-dress – all are gorgeous!

#9: Shimmer and Sequin


#10: Lace Pants & Wool Pants

And matching handbag. Gone are the days of matching your handbag with your shoes. You want to make it in the same fabric as your pants now.

Chanel Pre Fall 2016 Fashion Show

Watch the Paris in Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art show:

Chanel Pre Fall 2016 Collection Gallery

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