10 Must Have Handbags for 2017

Handbag is a much needed accessory for every woman! From backpacks to embellished, discover the 10 must have handbags for women for 2017!

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Image Credits: Dior

Hey elegant! There’s a saying that “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bags and that’s kind of same thing” 🙂 The handbag is a timeless piece of accessory which women are addicted to. We carry our whole world in it ranging from makeup to phones to important documents.

That’s why we went through all the runway collections for Spring Summer 2017 and picked out the top handbag trends you’ll see next season. We predict the upcoming must have handbags, so you can stay ahead in the style game! If you are looking to update your closet, then go ahead and take a look at the most popular designer handbags for this season.

Here are the 10 must have handbags for 2017.

1. The Side Handle Clutch Bags

Bored of following the usual trend of carrying the bag from top? The side handle clutch is making waves on the runway. My favorite fashion handbag is the side handle bag by Dior.

2. Broad Statement Strap

Image Credits: Fendi

Spice up your outfit with the new fashion handbag trend of embellished straps and broad statement straps to get a bold look. The straps are also being sold separately by fashion houses like Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Broad statement straps include fur, studded and printed. You can also match different types of straps with just one handbag. In the latest Lady Dior bag, you can personalize the strap according to your wish by adding badges. Sounds interesting, right? I love the blue and peach bag by Fendi.

Image Credits: Dior
Image Credits: Dior

3. Double Bag

This is the most stunning and versatile handbag trend of this season. The double bag trend have many versions. They can be either two big bags, medium sized bag and a coin bag, a box clutch and phone pouch. The double bag may be worn as two separate bags together or a single bag that gives the appearance of a double bag. I like the double bag by Gucci which has an envelope clutch and a casual bag.

4. Micro Bags

We saw ankle bags by Chanel in 2007. The micro bags are a must have handbag trend as they helps us to find the important little things easily which get lost in the big handbags. I love the cross-body sling micro bag by Valentino.


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5. Backpacks

Go hands-free with the must have designer trend – backpacks. Until the last year or so, the backpacks were mostly confined to travel, college and trekking. But now they found a place even on the runways. We have been seeing stylish backpacks in many high fashion designer collections like Versace, Moschino and Max Mara.

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6. Novelty Bags

This is one of the popular designer handbags trend. Novelty bags are unique shaped bags which are making waves in this season! If you are looking to invest in one bag with two trends then go for the camera bag by Kate Spade with a broad statement strap.

7. Exotic Prints

Glam up your casual outfit with the classic detailed prints. Upgrade your wardrobe with these new exotic prints that are also super trendy!

8. Box Bags

We have been seeing box bags for past few seasons. And this trend will be big in 2017. So, getting an evergreen style of box bag will be a good investment. I wish this trend of handbags would never go out of style. Both box clutches and bags are seen on the runways. Some box bags have long chain straps and can be used as sling bags, too,(Chanel). They can be carried effortlessly with party outfits.

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9. Chain Strap

This is another trend we have been seeing for many seasons. But for 2017, we’re seeing different and unique styles of chain straps – from broad iridescent chain-link straps (Chanel) to long sleek straps (Alexander Wang). However my favorite in this list of women’s designer handbags is the chain strap bag by Elie Saab.

10. Embellished Bags

Go for the embellished bags for a perfect party look. The embellished bags come in box shaped, micro and cross-body types. I love the teeny-tiny handbag by Fendi.

So, these are the must have handbags for 2017. I loved the double bag trend the most as it would help me not lose the important stuff by keeping it in another bag. Which one is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below!
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