10 Latest Spring Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends

Thin stackable rings are officially out! It’s the era of bold must-haves. Find out all the 10 latest Spring Summer 2016 jewelry trends and make a statement!

Image Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

Hey gorgeous! Spring summer is the time to show off those necklaces and bracelets, that remained covered under scarves and wool sleeves until the end of winter. This year, we’re seeing sooo many interesting jewelry pieces in the designers’ collections, some will make you wanna go totally over-the-top, and some will make you feel like a queen. And some of this season’s latest jewelry trends will make you raid even your mom’s closet for antique jewelry! So let’s take a look at all of them:

Top 10 Spring Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends

#1: Top Jewelry Trend : Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are doubtlessly the hottest jewelry trend for Spring Summer 2016. Nearly every major designer had some or the other type in their collection, and we saw everything from tiaras to crowns, embellished headbands to exotic snakes and what not!

Jewelry Trend #2 : Statement Bracelets

In 2016, the focus has shifted from facial to manicure, because instead of statement necklaces, statement bracelets are the It-thing this spring! We love the large fringed bracelets by Guo Pei!

Jewelry Trend #3 : Chokers

Chokers are one of my favorite jewelry trends for 2016. They first came into limelight with the Dior Spring Summer 2016 collection, but then we saw more and more of all types of chokers – lace, metallic, embellished and beaded ones.

Jewelry Trend #4 : Long Chain Necklaces

Tangled chain necklaces and long navel-length loose chains are the trendy pieces here. Jean Paul Gaultier had a rope necklace in his SS16 couture collection.

Jewelry Trend #5 : Single Earring

The single earring trend is certainly last year’s, but it’s not going out-of-fashion anytime soon. And we’re loving the latest earring styles – knot earrings, large crystal earrings, and Chanel’s bee-shaped earrings are my favorites!

Jewelry Trend #6 : Exotic

Some designers took their native lands as inspiration, and some were inspired by summer vacations. Either ways, ancient Roman, Sicilian, Chinese and tropical – all were on the list of exotic jewelry we saw on the runways in 2016!

Jewelry Trend #7 : Large Rings

Those of you who are lovers of large statement rings, it’s your season to show them off! And we’re liking it because the thin stackable rings of 2014-15 are now OUT! What’s in is larger, more statement rings, which you can wear single, or multiple.

Jewelry Trend #8 : Themed Jewelry

While some designers chose to go exotic with their jewelry selections, others like Moschino and Jean Paul Gaultier had everyday inspirations to create unique themes like household items and road construction! My favorites are the traffic cone earrings and bracelets by Moschino!

Jewelry Trend #9 : Body Jewelry

It seems like the top-notch designers are giving you great fashion ideas for the summer music festival season! The body jewelry for 2016 includes belts and belt-cum-necklaces.

Jewelry Trend #10 : Anklets

An unexpected addition to Spring Summer 2016 jewelry trends is anklets. Valentino had ancient Roman and pagan inspired gold anklets-cum-toe-rings and Versace had anklet-inspired knotted Swarovski ankle straps. We’re loving Dior’s multi-wrap chain anklet worn over pointy-toe pumps and ribbon ankle-straps!

So which jewelry-trend-2016 did you like the most? Lemme know! Comment below! 😉 Muaah :* Ciao.

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