Whether it’s your wedding or engagement, your cousin’s wedding or daughter’s, or even your ex’s – you want to look stylish! So we’ve selected the top and trendiest designer wedding guest outfits for men.


The wedding season is here again and we know you busy gentlemen have plenty of invites. So we have selected the most fab and sexiest designer kurats, bandhghalas, Indian designer suits/ jackets and bandis for ALL your wedding needs for Winter and Spring 2016!

And if your fiance/wife/mom/etc are nagging you to buy them something to wear to a wedding, show them this: Indian Wedding Dresses | Designer Wedding Gowns, Latest Fashion 2016! Enjoy!!

slubshop-shilpa-ahuja-latest-fashion-trends-shop-online-campaign-styleWhat to Wear to Your Own Wedding

If it’s your own wedding, you’re in luck! Because we’ve written a whole article about Designer Wedding Sherwani for Men: Latest Fashion Trends for Indian Groom. So do check that out! here are some examples you’ll find there:

What to Wear at Your Engagement Party

For your engagement, you can wear either ethnic or western. So, basically anything between a royal sherwani to a midnight blue tux. Or perhaps a burgundy velvet suit like Manish Malhotra‘s here:

Manish Malhotra
Shantanu n Nikhil
Manish Malhotra

What to Wear to Your Son’s/ Daughter’s Wedding

Wear something classy and traditional, but with a modern, chic twist! Good ideas are bandhgalas, suits or bandhis. Shantanu & Nikhil’s off-white scarf bandhghala outfit is so what I’m gonna ask my father to wear when I get married!! Other great options are black n gold, or something bright and colorful like garnet, burgundy or even sunny yellow!

Shantanu n Nikhil
Manish Malhotra
Rohit Bal
Rajat Tangri

What to Wear to Your Brother/ Sister’s Wedding

Sibling’s wedding is heavy responsibility so you want to dress comfy , but also something luxurious enough to make you stand out like a silk sherwani, or velvet bandhghalas or perhaps a brocade jacket.

Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra
indian-men-traditional-wedding-marriage-outfit-dress-clothing-jacket-designer-vikram padhnis
Vikram Padnis
Manish Malhotra

What to Wear to Your Cousin’s Wedding

Cousins’ weddings are all about fun and zero responsibility. Plus there are all those chances to meet new girls! So make sure you look cool and trendy! Who knows who might run into you! 😛

Raghavendra Rathore
NIvedita Saboo
Ujjwal Dubey

What to Wear to Your Brother/ Sister In-Law’s Wedding

Dress grand but not gaudy so that you stand out from the far-off relatives, but don’t give the groom too much complex! Like this embellished garnet-colored jacket or a designer bandhgala!

Kumar Anil Tanna
Shantanu n Nikhil
Rohit Bal

What to Wear to Your Niece’s/ Nephew’s Wedding

You want to look sophisticated but also comfy enough to dance! Some good options are bright pink, the dazzling black velevt or the couthy cyan.

Nivedita Saboo
Nivedita Saboo
Manish Malhotra

What to Wear to Your Friend’s Wedding

This time its your ‘yaar ki shadi’ so you gotta go filmy with the turban jacket look or a cool kurta with scarf look or the black jacket hunk look!

Nivedita Saboo
Manish Malhotra
Nivedita Saboo

What to Wear to Your Colleague’s Wedding

If your colleague is a close friend, then you can go ethnic with the bandi or kurta look. And if it’s a more formal relationship you share with your colleague, suit up in a dinner jacket look.

Sahil Aneja
Rohit Bal

What to Wear for Your Ex’s Wedding

Don’t you wanna look like a runway model at your ex’s wedding? Make her new husband jealous a bit?! So put on that designer black jacket that you’ve been eyeing for months! Or go for black velvet bandhghala – because with great attire comes great attitude! 😉

Rohit Bal
Rohit Bal

What to Wear to Sangeet

Having a pre-wedding sangeet night? Wear a light and comfy kurta to dance the night away!

So which outfit did you like the most? Need more styling ideas for the great Indian wedding? Comment below on what you’d like me to write about next! Ciao 🙂

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