Audrey O. isn’t feeling too beautiful today. Should she feel confident in order to look beautiful? How are beauty and confidence related? Coco explains…

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E29) – Beauty and Confidence

We all know that confidence and beauty are inter-related. But does confidence lead to beauty? Or is beauty what leads to confidence?

audrey-o-comic-v1e28-cartoon-beauty-and-confidence-eyebrows-body-image-comic-Should we feel confident so we can look good? Coco certainly doesn’t think so… When we see someone confident, we think she looks great. But when a woman looks her best, dresses well and carries herself well, I believe that is certainly a contributing factor towards her inner-confidence. Which is what we really need to feel happy.

Confidence makes us more self-aware, less judgmental and even more light-hearted. Which in turn makes us all happy from within. So whether or not we feel beautiful, we should always aim to feel confident – because there may be days when they just don’t seem inter-related! So complicated, I know, but that’s how Coco’s words of wisdom usually are!

But all said and done, you look pretty even with overgrown brows, Audrey O.!