Discover all the jeans trends spotted in Fall Winter Ready-to-Wear 2017-18 collections with our jeans trend analysis #SlubAnalytics!

Jeans Trend Analysis


Patchwork, flared

Christopher Kane

Ripped, cropped, high waist, straight cut, dark grey


Cropped, boy jeans, baggy


Folded hems, baggy, dark blue, boy jeans, light blue, grayish blue, denim jumpsuit, low waist

Dolce & Gabbana

Patchwork, graphic print, folded hem, ripped, black, appliqué, graffitti print, visible hems at the side, small fringes at the side, button-embellishment

Dries Van Noten

Folded hem, boy jeans

Isabel Marant

Studded, cropped, white, skinny

Maison Margiela

High waist, skinny

Marc Jacobs


Ralph Lauren

Cropped, folded hems, ripped, faded

Versus Versace

Skinny, cropped, navy blue