Instead of the regular sheer and naked gowns, we saw a practical, fashion-forward dress on Blake Lively at Golden Globes 2017. Check it out!

Looks like fashion is fast catching up with the modern woman’s needs – we do need to carry our phones (and other stuff) at parties, you know! So how come men get pockets and we don’t?? All old-fashioned, if you ask me!

But lo and behold – instead of the regular sheer and nude gowns on the red carpet, we saw a celebrity at Golden Globes 2017 whose gown was sexy – and practical. Now that’s something Shilpa Ahuja loves. Muhahaha! >:) Here’s none other than the once Gossip Girl – Blake Lively with her gown with pockets:

Image Credits: Getty Images via Vogue

The velvet gown with a long train has a gold detailing on the armholes and neckline. And the pockets are not some concealed hidden meek things, no, sir! These are statement pockets. More like “hey-look-at-me” pockets! I likeee! Me wantey a gown like this!


What do you think of these pockets? Would you like to see them in mini-cocktail dresses, too? And, if you had them in your dress, would you put your stuff in them and make them look bulgy? I certainly wouldn’t mind going hands-free for an evening!

Way to go, Golden Globes 2017, for showing us something other than cringe-worthy prostitute-like fashion! And Blake Lively, we expected nothing less from you. Looking stunning, as per ushe! Also loving those matching bracelets with the huge green rock!

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