Here are the quick and easy steps for the skin you wanted. Discover the natural tips for glowing skin you want to!

shilpa-ahuja-red-rose-spring-makeup-lipstick-eye-blogger-lookHuman hair and nails are dead cells but yet we spend dollars and dollars in keeping them healthy, then why ignore the skin? For all those who think it’s a tedious matter, worry no more. Here are some very easy and unique beauty solutions coming straight from my grandma’s experiment book. These at-home skincare tips cost pennies. Restore the healthy skin you were gifted with these natural Ayurveda solutions!

Note Before You Read

Natural remedies work differently for everyone, so please remember that everything recommended here may not be suitable for every skin type. Please consult with your dermatologist before trying out the ingredients and home remedies, and do a back-of-palm skin patch test before using them on your face. Turmeric may cause yellowness, use sparingly.

Glowing Skin

Almost all books and blogs that mention natural tips for glowing skin mention lemon. Lemon and yogurt (curd) are the kitchen ambassadors for skin care. Applying a mix of these onto the face enhances skin glow and has a de-tanning effect.
healthy-skin-beauty-tips-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-lemon-nimbu healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-curd-dahi

A mixture of mustard oil, gram flour and turmeric works like magic. Mix these beauty ingredients to create a natural face-pack and apply for 15-20 minutes.
Apply cream and turmeric for 5 minutes and wash in the morning every once a week. This not only makes your face radiant but also prevents common skin disease.


Blackspots/ Blackheads

Apply a mix of 2 spoons of glycerine, half spoon rosewater and half a spoon lemon juice on to your face at night and wash it in the morning with cold water!! Rose-water and lemon juice are said to remove black-heads and reduce wrinkles.


healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-glycerine healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-lemon juice

Natural Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

Skin is exposed to polluted, environment especially in busier cities. Many skin-care ayurvedic specialists list milk and castor oil as a parent beauty regimen. Mix milk and castor oil and massage on to the skin.

healthy-skin-beauty-tips-care-natural-facepack-milk-castor-oil-girls-pics healthy-skin-beauty-tips-care-natural-remedies-tricks-facial-castor-oil-benefits-redi-ke-tel-arandi-tel

Tips for Dry Skin

Rub the gooseberry oil and lemon juice mix on the skin to moisturize it. It multitasks to enhance skin glow and reduce black spots.


Oil massage is a very obvious remedy to dry skin. But to get results at lightning speed, take a solution of basil stem and dry ginger powder in hot water.

healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-clove-laung healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-easy-tricks-facial-ginger-adrak

Remedies for Pimples

Apply basil leaf paste on pimples and they will vanish without leaving a mark behind.

Scrub blackberry seeds on face. This beauty secret demonstrates fast results.


Apply raw mint leaf paste to the face. This is a beauty treatment method for boils as well.

Besides, all these homemade tips avoid eating hot and spicy food and drink plenty of water. There is nothing as rehabilitating as water for dry skin.

Home Remedy for Lip Cracks

Lips have the most sensitive skin. Apply mustard oil on your navel to get soft, rosy lips.

healthy-skin-beauty-tips-secrets-care-natural-homemade-remedies-mustard oil-sarson-ka-tel

Reduce Heel Crack

Anklets are in, so that calls for spotless heels!! Rub a mixture of mustard oil and lemon to the cracked portion. It will impart a smooth texture and remove dead skin.

Enhance Beauty

Apply a mix of well-grounded red lentil paste, wheat flour and honey or yogurt (curd) to the face. This one gives instant results, therefore very useful for brides-to-be!

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